BSBHRM501A Manage Human Resources Services

BSBHRM501A Manage Human Resources Services

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BSBHRM501A Manage Human Resources Services

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BSBHRM501A Manage Human Resources Services

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Course Code: BSBHRM501A
University: Victoria University is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: Australia

Discuss about the Manage Human Resources Services and Recruitment and selection, staff training and development, performance management.

The four different human resource requirements are recruitment and selection, compensation and benefits, Performance management and training and development of the employees.
Where professional human resource services are available to managers and employees, organisations are much less likely to: (True or False)

Employ the wrong people True/ False
Have practices that comply with industrial agreements True / False
Experience costly turnover True/ False
Have targeted training programs True / False

All of the above.
There are number of key  legislations which are essential for the HR managers to know but the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 (Commonwealth) and Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Act 1986 (Commonwealth) are extremely important for them to understand and learn to make sure everyone gets equal respect and opportunity and discrimination is eliminated.
Match the categories of human resource services with the descriptions

Transactional services

Payroll processing, maintaining HRIS, employee services

Traditional services

Recruitment and selection, staff training and development, performance management

Transformational services

Culture change, leadership, organisational development

The Service level agreement is: A document that outlines the scope and tasks of service to be provided and includes measures, monitoring and evaluation.
One of the major advantages of Service Level Agreement is develops customised agreements for individual customer needs and hence it helps to manage customers interests and requirements effectively. Another advantage of SLA is it helps the customers to know what to expect from the service provider and accordingly communicate with the Service provider in case it deviates from the promised clauses.
One of the main disadvantages of SLA is for the business when it is not able to provide proper support to the consumers as promised and hence can be legally implicated. There is always a financial disadvantage involved for the service provider in case of unfortunate incidents leading to deviation from the promised clauses.
The best way to gain commitment of the staffs to SLA that is being developed is by holding meetings of small groups of clients prior to establishing the SLAs.
There are different situations where SLA in HR could be used but in this case to improve service of the organisation from where criticism has been received for inconsistent HR services.
Evaluating human resource services could mean evaluating the contribution of the HR function to the achievement of the organisation’s strategic goals.
The Four possible HR service performance indicators are the annualised employee turnover rate, staffing efficiency, return on investment of training and workforce stability.
The four possible measures which could be included in customer satisfaction survey understand expectations of the customers, identifying organisational shortcomings, collecting effective specific data about customer satisfaction and competitor analysis through survey questions.
The two approaches which are effective in improving HR service delivery in an organisation are HR Audit and HR evaluation approach against objectives and goals.
Two quality approaches that can be adopted to make HR performance better is Benchmarking and development of Key Performance Indicators.
Expected Standard of Conduct is the aspect which could be included in Code of Conduct section.
Two different strategies which could be implemented by the HR team to make sure staffs are clear about ethics are defining clear expectation of the practice and conduct and providing effective training where the ethics is clearly discussed to make sure the staffs understand them properly.
The term given to maintain gender balance and deploy strategic planning on gender balance is Gender Equality.
Couple of examples of unethical behaviour at workplace are: Taking the credit of the work done by someone else at the workplace and failing to honour commitment at work.
One of the key examples of ethical behaviour at workplace is giving respect and recognition to the colleagues for something they have done which not only helps to promote their morale at work but it also reflects the ethical and honest and competent behaviour of the person as well.

2. Case Study  
Part 1: Determine strategies for delivery of human resources services

a) Determine aspects of strategic and operational plans and identify one or more human resources requirements of the organisation

The key aspects of strategic plan are mission, vision, objectives, goals, core values, and SWOT analysis and action plan. The Operational plan mainly includes linked SMART objectives, developing timeframe and accountability, analysing the impact of objectives on financial performance, analysis of progress.  In the present scenario for KLM it is important to develop a strong understanding of the HR requirements. KLM as an organisation needs effective HR services and hence it is important for the organisation to make sure HR services are effective for the organisation. As stated in the case study the organisation is working on a change and hence there will be strategic and operational alterations that will definitely require human resource intervention. For the effective operation of the organisation it is important that the HR department involves in understanding basic staffing needs and recruit people with the help of the departmental managers or the line managers. The recruitment and selection is one of the requirements of the HR for the organisation at present. For the effective application of the operational plan it is important to have suitable employee strength which would help to make sure the operational plan is effectively addressed (Fee, 2014). In order to support the strategic plan of the organisation it is important for the organisation KLM to address its mission and vision after the change. Hence in this scenario a key human resource requirement stands to be the implementation of the organisational values. Since the organisation is downsizing the human resource department it is important for the organisation to make sure that the line managers are well equipped to take the responsibilities for the organisation. The HR Department before providing the responsibilities of the human resource delivery to the line managers will have to make sure that the line managers are competent enough to handle the key HR issues. One of the key strategic plans in this case is to improve the application of action plan by improving the core competencies of the line managers like communication, capabilities of managing teams and coordinating with the other departments for improving the operations in the organisation. There’s a huge responsibility of the HRM to implement organisational values in the organisation. Along with the leaders of the organisation it is responsible to implement the organisational values in the revamped system. It is important to apply a strong training and development process is developed for the line managers to infuse the leadership qualities in them (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014).

b) KLM’s external business environment and its possible impact on its human resources requirements

The external environment KLM will be understood effectively with the help of Porter’s five forces analysis.
Threat of new entrants: The threat of new entrants in the market is moderate. It is important to note that small scale companies could easily launch their accounting service sections in order to provide effective services to the consumers.
Bargaining power of the suppliers: There is hardly any job of the suppliers in accounting services and hence it could be said that bargaining power of the suppliers is low in this case.
Bargaining power of the customers: The bargaining power of the customers is extremely high as there are number of organisations operating in the market.
Threat of Rivalry: The threat of rivalry is high in rivalry. The small scale accounting businesses are very common in the market and hence KLM will have to improve its operations and strategies.
Risk of substitutes: accounting practices have fewer substitutes but with the emergence of accounting software substitute’s risk has become moderate.  
Given the high competition in the external business it could be said that the Line managers of the organisation has to take excess responsibility in hiring employees and retaining them as the work pressure of the HR department is reduced. Since the market is highly competitive it is important for the Line mangers to get trained effectively which would help to make sure the customer receive the best possible accounting service. Apart from that recruiting, providing the employees with the best possible benefits is important to retain the employees in order to compete in the market effectively (Boxall & Purcell, 2011).

c) Write a recommendation for the line managers’ consideration that outlines a range of options for delivery of human resources services within their area. Include in your recommendation any analyses you have completed and reference to relevant legislation and organisational policies

Line managers are important to continue the overall operations of the organisation. For effective HR service delivery they assist the HR to recruit and select employees for better operations of the organisation. The Line managers need to consider the change in this case for effective development of the organisation. In this case for effective operation of the organisation the organisational policy this needs to be taken into account (Daley, 2012). The line managers have to take a lot of responsibilities in terms of HR service delivery. Since the organisation is focused on reducing the work pressure of the HR team. In the present context of KLM the line managers have to take increased responsibilities of the HR management. They will now have to plan and understand the workforce needs in the company and accordingly plan the recruitment and selection procedure of the organisation, providing training to the newly recruited employees and doing appraisals of the existing team members, understanding the training needs and managing the key performance indicators of the employees. The organisational policy of the KLM is to provide effective and standard service and hence for that the organisation will need balanced workforce and efficient talent and the line managers will be responsible to provide human resource services. In this scenario it is also important for the line managers to learn the different relevant legislations which would help to do their work effectively. Information on legislations like discrimination acts, equal opportunity acts, human rights and minimum wage acts have to be gathered properly by the panel of line managers operating in the company to provide the best possible human resource services (Boxall & Purcell, 2011).

d) Prepare an action plan for HR service delivery       

Action Strategies?


Person(s) Responsible

Additional Resources


Not Started Started Completed


Recruitment Process

Internal recruitment, Face to Face Interview and Psychometric test

Line managers

Information from advertisements

Within couple of weeks.

Not Started

Need to have at least four applicants for each position.

Training and development of the managers.

Weekly training program and special training on recruitment and selection.

Line Managers


Within one month.


On job performance assessment and peer review.

Employment relations

Sessions on the discussion of employment relations, providing materials on ER and Mock practices.

Line managers


One Month

Not yet started

Analysing proper implementation on practical cases.

The service delivery action for the organisation will mainly be focused on the core duties of the HR after the change in the HR plan of the organisation. Personnel actions, compensation management and other key HR requirement are effective to be included in the HR service delivery plan which will now be handled by the line managers. The line managers will have to perform the HR duties to a large extent. For instance the employment relations will now be the role of the line managers and the HR will not intervene in this but in exceptional cases. Employee appraisal and training needs will be analysed by the line managers and labor relations will also be the role of the line managers to a large extent.

d) Document roles and responsibilities of the human resource teams and the line managers

The roles and responsibilities of the HR team mainly remains to be the operation of effective recruitment and selection procedure, managing talent and retaining them and reducing turnover rate. It could be said that the lower level HR executives are responsible to gather effective information and talent whereas the mid level HR executives are responsible to handle the HR administration and the upper management is responsible plan and develop HR plans. The line managers are responsible to maintain communication between the HR manager and the mid level managers. The Line managers will now be responsible to plan and organise trainings and development programs, assess the workforce needs, appraisal programs, performance counseling, managing discipline and complaints, redundancy and probation discussions of employees and also take care of the personal development of employees. Before these jobs could be provided to the line managers the HR will have to play an important role in understanding the training needs of the line managers to prepare them for this job. The line managers will have to be trained to take interviews and successfully complete the process. It is extremely important to provide them with the knowledge of different key legislations and organisational policies, make them competent to handle the recruitment and selection strategies effectively (Bratton and Gold, 2012).
Part 2 – Manage the delivery of human resources services

a) Negotiate Service Level Agreement

Service Type

Description of service

Response Times

Performance Standards

Recruitment & Selection Activities

Discuss specific recruitment needs

Same day

Include qualitative and quantitative measures of performance. e.g accuracy, time frames, feedback

Resolve errors for inbound benefit

Errors are researched to improve transactions.

Next business day

Employees and payrolls will be monitored to ensure errors are resolved.

Recruitment process

Determine recruitment strategy

Within 48 hours

Psychometric tests and interviews.

Vacancy communication

Draft job description and advertisement

Within 48 hours

Accuracy, medium analysis and response

Selection strategy

Organise advertising

Within 72 hours

Advertising through mass media reporting.

b)The quality assurance of the service delivery will be done with the help of monitoring of the service delivery with the help of customer satisfaction survey form which would help to understand the different shortcomings. Customer satisfaction survey and HR audit will also help the organisation to improve the quality of the organisation which would now be done with the help of line managers. Methods for collecting feedback are mainly from the client through survey questionnaire and peer feedback.
c)There are different training needs which have to be understood by the Line managers for providing improved and specialised services. It is important for the employees to get training to organise effective training and selection strategies and handling them effectively. It is also important to have better training to develop the understanding of the Line managers for working in a changing environment and becoming adaptable (Jackson, Schuler and Werner, 2011).
d) The training plan will focus on addressing the training needs of the managers. The training needs mainly focus on improving their recruitment and selection capabilities so that the managers are able to provide the best possible service to the clients. It is important that the employees are also trained to work under pressure situation.

Training Activity

Training Process

Time required



Recruitment and Selection activity

Mock Practice, Articles and journals on R&S.

One Month



Employee Appraisal

Theoretical Training and practical activities

Two weeks

Not yet started


Training and development

Group discussion and understanding of the articles on training and development

One week



Part 3 – Evaluate human resources service delivery

a)Survey that will be framed will mainly have questions based on different key aspects of customer satisfaction and competitor analysis which would help the line managers to provide the best possible service to the client.  The survey questionnaire will be structured and close ended which would help the client to respond quickly and effectively so that questions related to service delivery are properly answered and this will clearly help to improve the overall service provided to the client.

                      Survey Questions

                 Attributes (Yes/NO)

1. Are you Satisfied with the HR Service Delivery?



2. Are you motivated to work with the HR of KLM?



3. Do you feel employees are properly treated?



4. Do you have any suggestions for the improvement of the HR service delivery? If Yes please mention…



5. Do you feel the HR is working to the best of its effort? If no why not?



b)From the gathered feedback it could be said that the managers will have to change the training plan and make it more intensive this would help to train the employees faster and will help to get better results (Jiang et al., 2012).
Part 4 Manage integration of business ethics in human resources practices
Task A

a) My personal behavior is extremely important for the organisation and for the operations and hence I am focused on showing ethical behavior. I am constantly focused on reflecting on the organisational values of the organisation. I am honest and support my colleagues in different jobs. I am always focused on giving credit to my colleagues who have done good jobs and respect the experienced people. I strive for better performance with dignity and honesty. The organisation values honesty and respect and hence I am always strived to do this. I work together with the team to get the best possible result. I am looking to constantly operate ethically in order to make sure the operation done is effective. I am not biased with my decisions and always apply standardised and ethical decision making process to make sure my decisions are effective for the organisation.
b)The confidentiality requirements involved with HR services are mostly involved in the protection of data. The HR employees have to be considerate about protection of personal data of the candidates and hence it could be said that confidentiality should be given utmost priority (Lengnick-Hall et al., 2009).
c) Memo

To the HR Manager
From: Joseph Connelly
Date: 29.05.2017
Re: Addressing discrimination and privacy at workplace
I want to make few suggestions regarding two key aspects related to workplace ethics. We have to be very ethical treating discriminatory practices as well as privacy. In the recent past we have had issues with both the aspects and hence we have to be prudent and strict about discrimination and privacy. We have to focus on improving our hold on discrimination and employ key strategies to make changes in the privacy statement and discrimination. I think making changes in the privacy policy and implementing discrimination legislation effectively to handle these aspects.

D) Training
a) I will discuss with the employees about the different ethical concerns which could creep up in the operation. During the training and development program these aspects will be discussed. This is also important to make the people understand the importance of ethical behavior in the form of respecting genders equally and not allowing any kind of unethical behavior to weaken the performance.
b) KLM’s HR policy is largely focused on establishing ethics in business. The organisation’s main code of conduct is to be honest and to be ethical in whatever one does within the organisation which means bias should be eliminated. The code also defines standard of practice for all which means the HR will have to follow this effectively in order to make sure everything operates effectively (Harzing and Pinnington, 2010).

Task B

A)Yes, the dismissal was appropriate. The dismissal is appropriate because even though the George was a good performer but in this case there was due lacking in the care showed by him towards the organisation. it could be said that for him the organisation had financial loss which is not justified and since Smith was responsible for the courier boys it was important for him to make sure that the department does its work effectively. He was very non-caring about his job in this case and hence the decision is appropriate (Fee, 2014).
B) This was the first mistake of George and hence the company could have been a bit lenient on him. He could have been charged with a show cause and financial punishment but could have been spared from termination considering his contribution to the organisation by his performance (Marchington et al., 2016).

Armstrong, M. and Taylor, S., 2014. Armstrong’s handbook of human resource management practice. Kogan Page Publishers.
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