BMGT5016 Amended Assessment Brief Ethics In Business

BMGT5016 Amended Assessment Brief Ethics In Business

BMGT5016 Amended Assessment Brief Ethics in Business

Learning Outcomes Assessed

1. Analyse the basis of moral reasoning

2. Apply moral reasoning to an ethical dilemma

3. Evaluate and apply the range and complexity of means/ends analysis to practical business and management situations

4. Analyse and synthesise the role of ethical conformance, corporate governance & responsibility in providing ethical leadership

5. Analyse and evaluate the common and specific ethical issues for different managerial functions in business

6. Evaluate the significance of different ideologies for ethical systemic analysis

7. Evaluate and apply ethical reasoning to international business dilemmas

8. Analyse an ethical dilemma

9. Synthesise a number of viewpoints and evaluate their relative significance

10. Apply ethical reasoning to make a defensible decision

It had been planned to use Beryl Q to front the US campaign as they had in Europe. Beryl Q (who uses the pronoun they) are expecting to be involved. They have been a supporter of FBD since it was founded in 2015, and have worked with the company on several projects as well as investing in the company. FBD has several investors, not all of whom are as embedded in the trans community as Beryl Q.

In the light of the above information, what action should Will (and his team) take about the marketing campaign? Note: Your answer should demonstrate a capacity for ethical reasoning and MUST:

1. Use the seven step ethical decision making framework that is used in class and provided on moodle;

2. Discuss and apply the ethical theories of utilitarianism AND of Immanuel Kant in using the seven step method. The word limit for this essay is 2000 words and the essay is worth 100% of the  module marks.

There is a margin of 10% plus or minus with regard to the word count.

Below are links to stories/events which provide some real life background to this type of scenario. They should help you understand some of the ethical issues raised. You are strongly advised to use these links as a starting point to research the scenario presented along with the ethical issues that it raises in more depth before writing.

your assignment. You should also undertake further reading on ethical theories and ideas, using the module readings (in particular in relation to marketing) and your own research. Whatever sources are used, they MUST be cited.

Identify and explain the ethical issues raised in the scenario, the nature of the affected stakeholders, and possible actions to be taken.

Based on credible sources a  comprehensive identification and explanation of the ethical issues raised by the scenario is provided together with a clear and justified account of the affected stakeholders and relevant possible actions  identified.

Based on credible sources good identification and explanation of the ethical issues raised in the scenario together with a clear account of the affected stakeholders and relevant possible actions to be taken.

Fairly clear identification of the ethical issues,  relevant stakeholders and possible actions in connection with the scenario, with some omissions or inaccuracies, and based on generally credible sources.

Focussed on the assignment questions and develops a general identification of the ethical issues but with very limited clarity and/or accuracy, together with some mention of relevant stakeholders, and some appropriate possible actions and based on few credible sources.

Does not sufficiently address the ethical issues, stakeholders, and/or possible actions related to the assignment in a consistent way providing no or very limited information and discussion.

Analyse the ethics of the relevant possible actions identified by reference to two

theories A comprehensive analysis of relevant possible actions is developed, based on credible sources, which demonstrates an excellent understanding of the ethical theories discussed.

Good analysis of relevant possible actions is developed, based on credible sources which demonstrates a good understanding of the ethical theories discussed with some limited omissions or inaccuracies.

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