BM628 Corporate Governance In Business

BM628 Corporate Governance In Business

BM628 Corporate Governance in Business


Learning Outcomes covered by this assignment

• Analyse circuit using advanced circuit theories

• Construct, simulate and test a range of analogue electronic circuits and compare the measurements with results expected from theory.

Assignment Brief

This assignment is to be written as a technical report that you will submit as the coursework component of this module. This report will consist of three parts based on the hand out provided:

Task 1 – Capacitor charging

Task 2 – LCR circuit resonance

Task 3 – Attenuator circuit

This technical report should be properly formatted and should include contents page, introduction, simulation results, circuit analysis, discussions and conclusions. All figures and tables are to be numbered and provided with a respective legend. Any simulation results, tables and plots obtained from practical work should also be included. Do not include screen dumps in yourreport. The report is to be written using a suitable text editor such as Microsoft Word and submission is done electronically using Turnitin on Blackboard.



The aim is to investigate the charging and discharging process of a capacitor. Methodology

You are required to do the following:

a) Simulate the circuit shown .

b) Monitor the values of voltage across the capacitor, VC, and the current through the capacitor, IC against time, t, in seconds until the capacitor is fully charged.

c) Modify the circuit and monitor the same parameters for the discharging process.

d) Generate graphs of the voltage, VC, and the current through the capacitor,IC against time, t, for charging and discharging process.

e) Compare your simulation results against theoretical results for both processes.

f) Analyze the effect of the time constant on a rectangular waveform if it is applied to instead of the DC source


a) Design a series LCR circuit to have a resonant frequency of 250Hz and a

Q- factor of 12. The value of the inductor is set at 8mH.

b) If a 50V sine wave source is connected to the circuit, calculate the supply current and the voltage across each component in the circuit.

c) Perform PSpice simulations to verify the frequency response of the LCR circuit.

d) Perform PSpice simulations to verify the supply current and voltages across each component.


a) Design an 8dB attenuator having a characteristic impedance of 50Ω using a resistor T-section symmetrical attenuator with 10 V input voltage.

b) Design a 32dB attenuator using T-sections in (a).

c) Calculate, the output voltage from each attenuator section if the input voltage to the first attenuator section is 500 mV.

d) Revise your circuit in (a) using nearest preferred resistor values and calculate the attenuation from one T-section.

e) Verify your results in (d) with PSpice simulations.

f) Design and simulate an approximate 32dB attenuator with the revised circuit.

g) Calculate and compare with simulation the output voltage from the second attenuator section for revised circuit if the input voltage to the first attenuator section is 500mV.

h) Use Mesh circuit analysis to justify your results

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