BFA526 Financial Reporting And Analysis

BFA526 Financial Reporting And Analysis

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BFA526 Financial Reporting And Analysis

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BFA526 Financial Reporting And Analysis

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Course Code: BFA526
University: University Of Tasmania is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: Australia


An investor is keen to buy shares in Bellamy’s Australia Ltd and has asked you to investigate the organisation.  You will advise her on the potential investment, basing this information on your analysis and interpretation of the financial statements contained within the last three available end of year Annual Reports (not interim reports) and any other information that you deem important in her decision-making.
Provide a full formal report making sure you cover the following detail:
1.Provide an overview of the company and its operations.
2.Identify, explain and critically analyse any use of corporate social and environmental responsibility reporting by the company (max 600 words).
3.Calculate and present the results of financial statement ratio analysis for the company using the ratios in Table 1:
oUse your own table to present a summary of the results of your analysis (for 3 years). Do not show the details of your calculations in your table (refer to point 4).
oUse the ratio formulas provided on page 324-326 of your text (Hancock et al 2015) for your calculations.
4.Create an Appendix to show the details of the ratio calculations, the formulas and data used to complete the financial statement ratio analysis. This may be an Excel worksheet but is not limited to that format.
5.Explain how each of the ratios helps an investor in their decision-making.  In other words, define and explain the ratios as you present your answers. This section must be referenced by more than one source.

Use the consolidated financial statements not those of the parent company.
Recognise the limitations of ratio analysis and be critical of the information provided for your analysis.
Do not limit your analysis to the Annual Report of the company.
Be concise in your writing.  Use graphs and other graphics to help deliver the message of your report.


Laitinen (2002) describes financial analysis as the process of assessing the financial position of a corporation by evaluating its steadiness, feasibility and productivity. The main objectives of financial analysis are to identify variations in financial tendencies, that enable measurement of the advancement made by a firm and recognize a connection to make deduction on the performance of the corporation. Another major feature of a financial analysis is comparison of performance of the corporation with its opponents. According to Maggina (2008) the financial ratios are always drawn from annual financial reports that must be used in extensive way in preceding exploration for several reasons such as estimates in the commercial sectors. According to Gibson (2013) the primary financial statement of a company is a statement of income (profit and loss statement) and statement of financial position that can be prepared directly from the adjustments made in the ledger accounts. Helfert (2003) further explains the statement of financial position as a static like snapshot, that replicates situations on specific time lines of its presentation, consider the groups besides sums of assets used by the firm and settling the obligations sustained to creditors and equity holders. Reeves (2011) financial reports are very important in evaluating the condition and state of a corporation.
According to Bodie et al., (2009) financial statements aid very important financial functions: through provision of data to the equity holders and lenders of the corporation concerning the corporation’s present positions and previous financial performance; financial statements also give a better means for equity owners and lenders to have goals and can enforce limitations on the management of the company; and, they offer appropriate models for financial forecasting.
Company overview and its operations
Operational review 
Bellamy’s ltd is a leading infant nutrition brand in the Australian market and Chinese market. Following a tough 2017 year, the company has experienced a major turn around and has delivered tangible results in terms of the growth of revenue, profitability, and cashflow. Bellamy’s remains confident in its application of the technical merit and further prospects for registration specifically in the Chinese market.  The Chinese label product sold all round channels including off line and it contributed to 6% of sales revenue of the company. This current financial year 2018 has ensured that there is restructuring of overheads, the distribution channels and the value chain of the supply end. The company raised funds to fund the restructure and acquire the Chinese license in one of the manufacturing facilities during the opening period of the current year.
The company adopted a business model that was sustainable, and it improved the profit structure which is now established under various changes that the company implemented over the financial year. For instance the growth of the portfolio was initiated that included an establishment of a food business unit that was waiting for full registration, the company further venture into new markets like the Vietnam market and the new product development has been so far good., looking at the value chain supply the integral part is in the acquisition of the Camperdown facility ,the company procurement has been diversified to ensure there is a competitive capacity that can be able to support growth, the processing channels too have experienced improved manufacturing and production decisions that have ensured a greater flexibility and reduced inventory position. Furthermore, the sales have improved and leading to stable pricing, the overall marketing strategy of the firm has been more effective and increased materially.
Financial Review
The company achieved a Profit after tax of $38.3 M in the year 2018 u from a loss of ($0.8M) in the financial year 2017. The revenue achieved was $328.7M in 2018 up from $240.2M in 2017 this was predominantly volume driven and included contribution from the outlets in China that also contributed to it. Drake (2011), analysis involves the selection of information to assist in decision making.
Revenue and profitability 
In general, the Bellamy’s group revenue grew by 37% up from the year 2017. This can be attributed to the contribution from the subsidiary open in Camperdown China, through the support of the brand it has seen the price of products stabilize, excluding the expansion in Camperdown the revenue growth standards at 33.2% compared to the 24% in the previous year.
Corporate social and environmental reporting analysis
 Hopwood (2009), states that Corporate Social and Environmental Reporting (CSER) is an essential constituent of corporate social responsibility, emphasizing the necessity to recognize communally relevant behavior, and to determine individuals to whom the company is to be held responsible, and to develop fitting measures and reporting techniques. This has resulted to demands for firms to become more responsible and to manage its effect on the environment in a better way.
Analysis of the firm
Table no.1









Cost of sales




gross profit








net profit or loss








profit margin %




gross profit margin %




Return of total assets




return on equity




inventory turnover ratio




accounts receivable ratio




equity ratio








capital employed












current ratio




acid test ratio




For the start of an analysis ratios are a good indicator, however they do not give the full scenario of a cooperation’s investment ability (Young, 2014). Revenues are from the sale of organic baby food and products. The revenues increased for a shared 37% from January 2016 to January 2018 mainly because of the healthy economy, the health of any economy is critical for the survival if the company. This is explained through the decline in revenues in the 2017 fiscal year through to 2018 (a -2% which is a drop-in comparison to the prior year. The efficiency of activities with respect to revenue and profits is very critical to any business (Mintz & Currim, 2013; Roberts, Kayande, &  Stermersch, 2013).  
Cost of sales and issued services have been constant though it has increased from 54% in 2016 to 62% in 2017 and 61% in 2018.The net profit of the corporation has been exceptional for the fiscal year 2018 with a 13% increase up from the prior year. The immense increase in net profits resulted in a 13% increase in the profit margin and a 20% progress in ROTA (return on total assets). The high returns and good cost contributed to these growths. The fiscal year 2017 had an advance decline in net profits of -0.34% mainly due to the decrease in proceeds and increase in administrative costs of $41.4 M, where $6.8 M inventory provision and write-offs, $27.5M in payments made to Fonterra as part of boarder supply chain reset and $6.8M other cost relating to acquisition of Camperdown Powder. The analysis of financial statement helps to identify the major strong points and areas where there is a weak line in a business firm. (Moyer, McGuigan, Kretlow, 2005).
 Current assets of the firm improved to $230M from the previous year, from $153M in the year 2017 to $230M, however the ratios show a significant decrease from 96% to 82% this is a result of major acquisition.Also, the corporation identifies all vastly liquid investments this is inclusive receivables due from the debtors, the increase is described by the rise in proceeds so cash and providing for the operations. Holding off assets is a better option to trading off the expected returns this keeps the company liquid (Harness, Chatterjee, Finke, 2008).
 The profit margin improved to 13% in fiscal year 2018 up from -0.34% in 2017, also the return on assets improved significantly to 0.2 (20%) up from (-0.01) in the previous period. Furthermore, the returns on equity also improved from a low of 0.0088 to 0.2064 in the fiscal year 2018. Another strong aspect about the firm on its activities is its liquidness. As the current assets improved the current liabilities declined, both the quick ratio and the current ratio improved significantly 0.87 and 2.3 in fiscal year 2017 to 1.90 and 3.13 respectively. Due to the rise in total assets, current liabilities declined from 42% to 26% from the previous year. This helps Bellamy’s to be more liquid which a benefit to the company. According to Brigham and Houston (2009), Analysis involves a comparison of the corporation’s performance over a period of time to evaluate the trends.
The corporation borrows on a long-term basis this exposes Bellamy’s to the effect of interest rate changes and forex variations in the market. The fair value of its debt obligation in 2017 totaled $25M compared to $0.0062M in 2018. In general debt represents a cost which is fixed to funding a firm, at times a firm can gain more on the assets that are funded through loans than the servicing cost of the borrowings that will the extra earnings will flow to equity holders (B.F Online,2014)
The stockholder’s equity went up to $207M in the fiscal year 2018 compared to $91M in the previous fiscal year 2017. This growth is as a result to a rise of the reserved profits, as the net profits improved more than the stockholder’s equity, the ROE (return on equity) went from -1% in the fiscal year 2017 to 21% in the fiscal year 2018. The equity ratio also went up from 58% in fiscal year 2017 to 74% in the fiscal year 2018 this shows that Bellamy’s have an improved long-term solvency. Lan (2012), emphasizes on the importance of the ratios on the attractiveness of a corporation.
According to Gibson (2013), ratios on profitability measures the profits or operation achievement of a corporation for a specified time line, profits otherwise the deficiency of it, disturbs companies capacity to obtain loans and finances from shareholders, it also moves the liquidity position and the corporation’s ability to develop. Reale (2011) measured the importance of ratios in a business as it helps the management to be critical of the firms position.
Profit margin
According to Weygandt et al., (2009) margin of profit is a ration of percentage of sales that will results net profits. It further shows the productivity produced from returns and henceforth is an significant performance indicator. As it stands, there was an increase in the profit margin from the fiscal year 2017 at -0.3% to 13% in the fiscal year 2018 this implies that the Bellamy’s was more profitable in the current financial period which is a turnaround from the previous losses made in the previous year.
Return on Total Assets
According to Weygandt et al., (2009) is a measure of by what means a company resources are used to produce proceeds. it is the ratio of net return after tax divided by total assets and is the most prevalent ratio for calculating the absolute performance of the firm. The return on total assets increased from -1% to 20% in the fiscal year 2018 from 2017 this implies that Bellamy’s that the firm can use its assets effectively.
Return on Equity
According to Gibson (2013) equity return is extent of revenues per unit of investment and precisely used for calculating the return on stockholder’s investment. Looking at Bellamy’s the return on equity also increased from -1% to 21% in the fiscal year 2018, this implies that the company can generate cash internally and therefore its less dependent on debt financing. It’s a good indicator for an investor to buy stock of the company
Ahmet (2012). Explains that the efficient accounts receivable management will make the firm to improve of making profits through reduction of transaction cost and can raise cash. The accounts receivable ratio of Bellamy’s Ltd increased from 6.771 times to 7.611 times in the fiscal year 2018, the greater the turnover the better for the company as it shows the company is not having any difficulties in collection and granting the credits. The ratio further measures how quickly a company to collects bills from its creditors through its policies.
According to Dansby et al (2008) stock turnover analyzes the sum of times by which the average stock will be traded in a specified date. The inventory turnover ratio also increased from 1.84 in the fiscal year 2017 to 2.17 in the fiscal year 2018, this indicates that the inventory of the firm does not remain on the shelves but rather it turns over rapidly and faster.
Short-term solvency 
Robinson et al., (2015) defines the current ratio as the measure of corporation’s capability to offset short-term obligations as they fall due, the magnitude of this ratio shows the liquidity of the corporation. Sinha (2012) this ratio is a composition of the current assets that are most liquid, and it excludes inventory from the current assets.
Another strong aspect about the firm on its processes is the availability of ready cash. As the current assets increased the current liabilities declined, both the quick ratio and the current ratio improved significantly 0.87 and 2.3 in financial year 2017 to 1.90 and 3.13 correspondingly. Due to the increase in total assets, current liabilities decreased from 42% to 26% from the previous year. This helps Bellamy’s to be more liquid which an advantage to the company.
Long-term solvency 
Sinha (2012) defines debt to equity ratio as all debts attributed to owners’ equity. Looking at Bellamy’s debt ratio in has reduced significantly over the financial period given from 0.4 in 2017 to 0.2 in 2018 this is because of the firms shift to equity as the main source of financing for the business. Besides, the debt to equity ratio too reduced from 0.2 to 0.002 this is as effect of Bellamy’s inducing more funds from stockholders.
Market-based ratios
There has been a great increase on the earnings per share of the firm’s stock from a low of -0.80 in the fiscal year 2017 to 39.20 in the year 2018 this an indicator of the firm’s ability to payout dividends to the stockholders, it also shows that the company is creating value for its investors. This shows how a corporation is regarded in terms of the market price of stock to its book value (Brigham & Houston, 2009)
Other analyses 
Performance Measures 
The performance measure is best when being used to calculate the overall income made by a corporate entity, where, investments, activities and funds controlled and managed by an expert managerial body. It may be probable to stem both the return on equity and return on the capital employed.  According to Helfert (2003) analysis of statement of finance is mainly based on looking at financial reports and bookkeeping information since the duty of examining, arbitrating and controlling a organization’s events are far wider and tougher than the simple handling data being reported. Benchmarking process enable’s the potential customers and investors to locate the best companies to invest in they therefore rely mostly on results. (Boundless, 2014).
The study provides the model for the financial report examination of Bellamy’s Australia Ltd period from 2016 to 2018 on revenue generation that can be used to draw the measurement of performance. From the examination its revealed that the profitability of the firm improved significantly. In conclusion its ROCE (return on capital employed) has increased over the past three years and its above the benchmarks this makes the company a potential attractive stock that can achieve a solid return on investment. Further more as we look in the next fiscal year 2019 , Bellamy’s expects more sales growth and expects a more difficult trade environment this is inclusive of the new market like the China market however the company expects to realize a 10% growth on comparative revenue this will be acquired through full acquisition of Camperdown and increase its revenue through the long term premium brand and volume growth and margin expansions going forward. Financial ratios are meant to show profits, the activities and the firms capital structure that provide the image about a corporation. (Monea, 2009)
Bellamy’s 30% ROCE (return on capital employed) presumes every A$100 invested, the corporation generates A$30 for the investor, the strong ROCE is tied to the movement of two factors that change over time which are earnings and capital requirements. Now Bellamy’s Australia Ltd is operating at a favorable position. looking back in the three years Bellamy’s stocks hit a rock bottom in the year 2017 this was a result of losses that were made however the firm managed to turn around the situation, and it is expected that the company will continue in the solid returns. The ROCE has increased from -1% to 30% and with this the current earnings improved from -A$0.8M to A$42M, and the capital employed also grew significantly that further suggest that due to a growth in earnings which is relative to capital requirements.
The study suffers from several limiting factors; its exclusively depends on available monetary information, so it focuses on restrictions that are essential in the financial declarations; competing nature of the corporation avoids reassessment of a private information.; industry based firm comparison is hard as the study focuses on one organization.
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