Benefits Of Healthcare Consultancy Essay Paper

Benefits Of Healthcare Consultancy Essay Paper

Benefits Of Healthcare Consultancy Essay Paper

Consultants are focused on building their reputations as professionals in the given field of activity, including commercial, governmental or not-for-profit activity. There are four major consulting opportunities, which can be applied to different areas of human activity. These consulting opportunities include benefit consulting, healthcare consulting, operations consulting and internet marketing consulting (Consulting Opportunities – 4 Great Opportunities for Consultants, 2014). Benefit consulting opportunities are provided in the form of professional services that are aimed at helping both employers and workers in determining which benefit package is the most suitable for their needs (Cimasi 28).


It is very important to understand all the types of benefits coverage in order to help employers make the proper decisions. Benefits Of Healthcare Consultancy Essay Paper. Healthcare consulting opportunities are provided by healthcare consultants who help to handle various aspects of health care activities, including “hiring concerns, marketing issues, bookkeeping questions, and other business-related things” (Consulting Opportunities – 4 Great Opportunities for Consultants, 2014). Operations consulting opportunities are aimed at providing assistance to all types of organizations in assessment of the effectiveness of their internal procedures, practices and strategies in order to improve the overall operation of the company. Actually, operations consultants are focused on providing thorough examination of the organization’s workflow structure. They help employers to better understand the division of labor and the impact of each employee on the current organizational. Internet marketing consulting opportunities are provided to employers involved in selling products and services online. Internet marketing consultants provide professional assistance to their clients aimed at promoting their products and services, and attracting the target audience in order to increase their sales and revenue (Consulting Opportunities – 4 Great Opportunities for Consultants, 2014). One of the most important consulting opportunities is healthcare consulting opportunity provided by healthcare consultants. This consulting opportunity can be applied to any area of commercial, governmental or non-for-profit activity. Benefits Of Healthcare Consultancy Essay Paper. Brown Healthcare Services Inc. is a fictive company, which requires professional consultancy because of its hiring concerns. According to Robert James Cimasi, “the healthcare consulting field has grown exponentially over the past 50 years, and despite the recent downturn in the economy it earned revenues of approximately $13.4 billion in 2008, with revenues expected to grow with a compounded annual growth rate of 5.3% through 2012” (23). Healthcare consulting services are crucial to business practitioners as these services play an important role on development, implementation and operation of organizations involved in commercial activities. Brown Healthcare Services Inc. is specialized in providing healthcare services to patients with diabetes. Benefits Of Healthcare Consultancy Essay Paper

The Healthcare Consulting Opportunity: Background information

The healthcare consulting opportunity offered by high quality consultants is one of the most important services aimed at providing comprehensive consultation for organizations of all types, including commercial organizations. The healthcare consulting opportunities include a wide range of services, which are based on the Four Pillars of the Healthcare Industry. First, it is necessary to pay attention to “rapidly changing regulatory edicts and increased enforcement activities” (Cimasi, 2013, p. 34). Second, it is crucial for healthcare consultants to be focused on “continual on reimbursement yields for providers”(Cimasi, 2013, p. 34). Third, it is necessary to take into consideration the fact that there are “increasing competitive challenges and peril” (Cimasi, 2013, p. 34). Fourth, due attention should be paid to the “costs associated with technological advancements” (Cimasi, 2013, p. 34). The diversity of services provided by professional consultants guarantee the overall success of the organization in the field.  According to researchers, “these consultants provide their clients with techniques for outwitting the strategies of experts in the other groups”(Leyerle, 2004,  p. 78). For example, healthcare consultants give advice to hospitals to use the proper strategies to avoid bankruptcy, including the strategy aimed at improving the management practices regarding “case mix” through “recruiting high-profit DRG patients and avoid low-profit ones” (Leyerle, 2004, p. 78). In fact, healthcare consultants can use their skills, knowledge and experience to solve a wide range of problems connected with healthcare issues. Healthcare consultancy is based on initiation and implementation of effective technological and behavioral changes at all organizational levels that help to improve operational efficiency based on the established healthcare rules and regulations reducing waste (Leyerle, 2004). Benefits Of Healthcare Consultancy Essay Paper

Benefits of Using the Healthcare Consulting Opportunity as a Consultancy Approach

Healthcare consulting opportunity would benefit from a consultancy approach rather than one delivered “in-house” for a number of reasons. First of all, healthcare consultancy can be characterizes as external help provided by specialists from outside of the organization. In many cases, external consultancy support is crucial for successful functioning of the organization in the field of commerce. External consultants provide objective and independent assessment of the situation in order to find the proper solutions. According to researchers, “external consultants are really advisors who have been contracted for services such as analyzing and identifying problems”(Sweem, 2009, p. 129). Second, healthcare consulting opportunity would benefit from a consultancy approach rather than one delivered “in house” because external consultancy provides effective workshops for employee training, which could improve business opportunities of the organization (Cimasi 33).  Comparing with internal consultants, external consultants have more credibility because of good reputation and huge experience in solving various health-related issues. Third, external healthcare consultancy effectively practices the art of negotiation. As a result, clients have an opportunity to use negotiation in order to achieve the established organizational goals. Brown Healthcare Services Inc. that operates in commercial area encounters hiring concerns; therefore external assistance provided by healthcare consultants would contributed to eliminating these concerns and establishing trustful relationships between the employer and employees.Benefits Of Healthcare Consultancy Essay Paper

Part 2

Based on your report prepared for part 1, part 2 provides an outline of the structure for the key stages in the proposed consulting assignment and outlines the main issues that should be addressed by me in the role of a consultant to tackle the identified problem.

Outlining the structure for the key stages in the proposed consulting assignment 

Outlining the structure for the key stages in the proposed consulting assignment, it is necessary to place emphasis on specific organizational goals that should be achieved due to healthcare consultants. There are several stages that play an important role in providing consulting services for the effective functioning of the commercial organization. These stages are represented from the perspective of the client (or commercial organization/company) who is seeking consulting assistance and support in solving various health-related issues.Benefits Of Healthcare Consultancy Essay Paper

Stage 1: Identification of the need for consultancy

A client (Brown Healthcare Services Inc.) should make a decision to seek help from healthcare consultants, justifying the necessity to use external consultancy and consulting the existing stakeholders in order to determine financing or budget for this procedure.

Stage 2: Planning of the consultancy process

A client should draw up the timeline for consultancy, preparing specific documentation, which should reflect terms of reference, estimation of costs, and other elements.

Stage 3: Finding professional consultants

A client should identify the most suitable professional consultants in healthcare, and develop contract, interviews, and initial scouting.

Stage 4: Negotiating and contracting based on the needs of the organization

A client should be focused on developing effective negotiation of terms and conditions of consultancy, defining roles and responsibilities, identifying award contract elements, and giving feedback to other consultants.Benefits Of Healthcare Consultancy Essay Paper

Stage 5: Preparation for the consultancy process

A client should provide the most important information to consultants regarding the organization and key problems it faces. Besides, a client should prepare logistics, confirm the key management practices in the process of consultancy and provide scheduling. It is recommended to allocate the major team roles in this process. The potential problems may include improper knowledge of the key problems faced by the organization, poor logistics practices and management practices. To address these problems, organizations should make certain changes in their strategies regarding the overall functioning of the staff and assess the effectiveness of leadership roles.Benefits Of Healthcare Consultancy Essay Paper

Stage 6: The core consultancy procedure

A client should be involved in induction and briefing practices. It is necessary to provide team meetings, training sessions, and clarify the roles of responsibilities. Besides, consultancy procedure requires collecting information, establishing regular communication practices, reviewing progress in the process of consultancy, analyzing the key findings and providing initial judgments. Finally, it is necessary to make assessment of the procedure, give recommendations and report the key results. The potential problems may include improper preparation for the consultancy procedure, lack of the required information and inadequate staff training. The ways these problems can be dealt with include clarification of the major responsibilities and effective planning of procedures. Benefits Of Healthcare Consultancy Essay Paper

Stage 7: Finalization of the process of consultancy and summarizing

A client should receive report and provide feedback to consultants. Besides, a client should discuss what responses to the proposed recommendations should be made. It is necessary to approve final draft and close contract. Finally, it is required to provide assessment of the services provided by consultants and give feedback. It is necessary to evaluate changes due to consultancy and the impact of the consultancy process. There are opportunities for further consulting activities at later stages, if necessary.

The following stages help clients to adapt to changing environments in the industry and respond adequately to different challenges they may face prior or during consultancy.  Healthcare consulting opportunity provided to a commercial organization guarantees finding solutions to a wide range of issue in healthcare field (Cimasi 34).  As a consultant on a speculative basis in a commercial environment, I will prepare a proposal document. As a healthcare consultant, I will provide a full range of healthcare consultancy services in order to assist commercial organizations to improve the quality of healthcare and financial performance.Benefits Of Healthcare Consultancy Essay Paper

Outlining the main issues that should be addressed

The main issues that should be addressed by a healthcare consultant include:

Finding smart solutions to obtain long-term and sustainable business growth of Brown Healthcare Services Inc. in healthcare industry;
Providing the proper solutions to the issues of construction, equipment and materials’ purchase, installation, the company’s staff recruitment and training, the company’s official website development and site branding, event management practices, the company’s logo development, the company’s staff uniform development, hospital information system development, SOP’s development, operational strategy development, marketing planning development and implementation. Healthcare consultancy should work closely with Brown Healthcare Services Inc. to deliver effective consultancy services. Benefits Of Healthcare Consultancy Essay Paper
Providing initial assessment of Brown Healthcare Services Inc. the following services should be presented to the clients: recommendations, creative ideas and thoughts regarding the implementation of any planned changes, monitoring progress after the implementation of changes.

For example, in order to solve some ethical dilemmas in hiring process faced by Brown Healthcare Services Inc., healthcare consultants should provide effective consulting services. Ethical dilemmas may include conflicts among employees, confidentiality and privacy issues. A consultant could address these problems in a proper way, based on the laws and regulations, personal experience and knowledge. Healthcare consultancy helps to solve ethical dilemmas through developing effective training programs and procedure manuals.Benefits Of Healthcare Consultancy Essay Paper


Thus, it is necessary to conclude that healthcare consultancy projected in this paper makes sense. This consulting opportunity is worth considering because it provides benefits to commercial organizations facing various healthcare issues. Brown Healthcare Services Inc. is one of them. In other words, healthcare consultancy provides effective approach to problem solving that could benefit the potential client. The main stages of a consulting project outlined in this paper help to assess the effectiveness of the consulting approach. In general, the actual project can be tackled in a proper way. There are opportunities for further consulting activities at later stages. The key issues that have to be addressed in order to solve the identified problem (ethical dilemmas in hiring) have been included in the paper.Benefits Of Healthcare Consultancy Essay Paper


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