Bases of Leadership

Bases of Leadership

Bases of Leadership

Watch the movie The RWANDA 2004 and write the assignment regarding the questions below.
1.The bases of leadership (250 words) 20 mark
 Identify five leadership aspects of Paul’s personality evidenced in his actions and speech. For example, why did others turn to Paul for guidance and help? What was in his personality and values that others leaned on? How did he maintain morale and disciple with his staff?
2. Extreme hospitality (250 words) 20 mark
 Comment on why this movie might be called an example of ‘extreme hospitality’ and the relationship between hospitality and servant leadership. Support your argument from the literature.
PART B: Select one of the following topics and answer the questions (1300 words) (60 mark)
1.    Diversity
 When Paul sheltered the Tutsi children he exemplified non-discrimination at risk to himself and his family. Outline an incident from the media in which a hospitality or tourism leader infringed someone’s human rights on the basis of religion, culture, gender, or ethnicity, and the outcome. Analyse and comment on this breach from a research perspective, using two or more research articles to support your analysis. Address why this occurs (i.e. in what situations or environments), and the potential outcomes for those with and without power. Comment on the ethical basis of attitudes to diversity from a leadership perspective.    (or)   
2.Leadership style and followership
Describe Paul’s character and personality and identify his leadership style, justifying the style with support from the literature. Select a leadership attribute (e.g. confidence risk-taker, calm, prepared to take command etc) that you admire in him and review two academic articles about this. Explain why you admire it and the effects of this attribute on leadership and followership as evidenced in the literature. Comment on the role of specific attributes in the development of leaders in terms of whether leaders are born or can be developed.    (or)
3.Symbols of order
What was the main symbol of order used to connote a sense of calm and professionalism around Paul? What similar symbols could you use in your work or personal life to impart the same idea? Review two academic articles relevant to symbols of management, and relate them to the symbols you could use. Critique symbols as expressions of power, in terms of followership and obedience

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