Atomic structure – principles of chemistry and study of biology

Atomic structure – principles of chemistry and study of biology

Atomic structure – principles of chemistry and study of biology

Atomic structure – principles of chemistry and study of biology
Chapter 2 : Chemistry

Relate major principles of chemistry to the study of biology
Understand atomic structure
Compare and contrast the major chemical bonds involved in important molecules and compounds
Identify the major macromolecules that make up living organisms carbon,oxygen,nitrogen,hydrogen
Explain the importance of the function of each of the four major macromolecules

Carbs-Primary fuel for organisms (CONTAIN CARBON,HYDROGEN,AND OXYGEN)
Lipids- store energy, (hydrophobic, hydrophilic, nonpolar, don’t dissolve in water, phospholipids-most important factor in the cell membrane hydrophilic heads and hydrophobic tails)
Proteins- body building macromolecules-help fight invading microorgnaisms,control cell activity and some hormones, allow muscle contraction, heart pumping,sperm swim,carry molecules such as oxygen around the body –Amino acids (20) strung together to build up a protein, enzymes are proteins that speed up chemical reactions. atomic structure – principles of chemistry and study of biology.

Nucleic acids- store information on how to build and run a body. There are two types-Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) – DNA holds the genetic information to build an organism.
Ribonucleic acid (RNA) – RNA is a universal translator, reading DNA and directing protein production.

Both play central roles in directing the production of proteins

The information in a molecule of DNA is determined by its sequence of bases.
Adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine

Compare and contrast DNA and RNA  :

RNA differs from DNA in 3 ways: The sugar molecule of the sugar-phosphate backbone
Uracil (U) replaces thymine (T)
atomic structure – principles of chemistry and study of biology

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