APN Professional Development Plan Essay Example

APN Professional Development Plan Essay Example

Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) Professional Development Plan Paper
The purpose of this application is to provide the student an opportunity to explore the role of the advanced practice nurse (APN) and develop an APNprofessional development plan.
Course Outcomes
Through this Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) Professional Development Plan Paper assignment, the student will demonstrate the ability to:
CO1: Synthesize knowledge and concepts from advanced practice nursing with supporting disciplines as a foundation for APN/specialty nurse practitioner practice that is culturally competent and population-specific (PO #1).
CO3: Assimilate primary care competencies into APN/specialty nurse practitioner practice that exemplify professional values, scholarship, service, and culturally competent global awareness and support ongoing professional and personal development.(PO #5)
CO5: Contribute to the body of advanced practice nursing knowledge through participation in systematic inquiry, utilization of evidence-based practice, and dissemination of findings to support high-quality care and healthcare innovation.(PO #9)
CO9: Evaluate strategies for contract negotiation, CV/resume writing, credentialing, national board certification, hospital privileges, and reimbursement (PO #8).
CO 10: Develop visionary leadership skills that combine best evidence with nursing expertise to support quality improvement, safety, and change across healthcare organizations and systems (PO #1, 3, 8, and 9).
CO 11: Differentiate leadership strategies that strengthen interprofessional collaboration and incorporate an ethic of care, values, and ethical principles into the role of the nurse leader across healthcare organizations and systems (PO #2, 4, 5, 6, and 7). Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) Professional Development Plan Paper
Due Date: Sunday 11:59 p.m. MT at the end of Week6
Total Points Possible: 200
1. To complete this application, you will need to access to the following databases: CINAHL, MEDLINE, Cochrane Library, and the Joanna Briggs Institute. You may access these databases through the Chamberlain College of Nursing Online Library.
2. The APN Professional Development Plan paper is worth 200 points and will be graded on quality of information, use of citations, use of Standard English grammar, sentence structure, and overall organization based on the required components as summarized in the directions and grading criteria/rubric.
3. Create your manuscript using Microsoft Word 2007 (a part of Microsoft Office 2007), which is the required format for all Chamberlain College of Nursing documents. You can tell that the document is saved as a MS Word 2007 document because it will end in “.docx”
4. Follow the directions and grading criteria closely. Any questions about this paper may be posted under the Q & A Forum.
5. The length of the paper is to be no less than 6 and no greater than 8 pages excluding title page and reference pages. Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) Professional Development Plan Paper
6. APA (2010) format is required with both a title page and reference page. Use the required components of the review as Level 1 headers (upper and lower case, centered):
a. Introduction to the APN professional development plan
b. APN Scope of Practice
c. Personal Assessment
d. Networking and Marketing Strategies
e. Conclusion
The following are best practices for preparing this Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) Professional Development Plan Paper:
1. Review Chapter 30- Role Transition: Strategies for Success in the Marketplace in
DeNisco and Barker (2015).
2. Nurse practitioners need to take into account the state rules and regulations that guide advanced practice. Research and review the Nurse Practice Act and APN scope of practice guidelines in your particular state.Identify information regarding educational requirements, licensure and regulatory requirements, as well as practice environment details. Review information regarding full, limited, or restricted practice limitations as well as prescriptive authority.Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) Professional Development Plan Paper
3. Review Guidelines for APN Role Transition Using Benner’s Self-Assessment Tool inCourse Resources. Prior to engaging in pursuit for employment, APNs should complete a comprehensive, honest, affirmative personal assessment to identify their strengths and weaknesses as well as their goals and objectives. Research assessment tools, conduct a personal assessment, and reflect upon your strengths, weaknesses, goals, and objectives.
4. To complete the transition from students to expert nurse practitioners working in the healthcare field, graduating APN students will need to secure their first position. Research local and national professional organizations that advertise employment opportunities for APNs. Identify networking and marketing strategies and provide a rationale for your selections.
5. Write your Curriculum Vitae (CV). Refer to the template on pages 772-773 in DeNisco and Barker (2015). Your CV should not exceed 2 pages in length.
6. When concluding the Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) Professional Development Plan Paper, summarize important aspects of the APN professional development plan.
Category Points % Description
Introduction to the APN professional development plan 20 10% Introduces the purpose of the paper and addresses all background information elements (who, what, where, when, and why) for the APN professional development plan.
APN Scope of Practice 35 18% Provide detailed information regarding education, licensure, and regulatory requirements, as well as practice environment details. Include information regarding full, limited, or restricted practice limitations as well as prescriptive authority.
Personal Assessment 25 12% Perform a personal assessment and reflect upon your strengths, weaknesses, goals, and objectives.
Networking and Marketing Strategies 25 12% Provide detailed information regarding local and national professional organizations that advertise employment opportunities for APNs. Identify networking and marketing strategies and provide a rationale for your selections
Curriculum Vitae 35 18% Provide accurate information regarding the nurse practitioner’s abilities, skills, and accomplishments.
Conclusion 20 10% An effective conclusion identifies the main ideas and major conclusions from the body of your manuscript. Minor details should not be included. Summarize important aspects of the APN professional development plan.
Clarity of writing 20 10% Use of standard English grammar and sentence structure. No spelling errors or typographical errors. Organized around the required components using appropriate headers. Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) Professional Development Plan Paper
APA format 20 10% All information taken from another source, even if summarized, must be appropriately cited in the manuscript and listed in the references using APA (6th ed.) format:
1. Document setup
2. Title and reference pages
3. Citations in the text and references.
Total 200 100
A quality Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) Professional Development Plan Paper assignment will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.
Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) Professional Development Plan Paper


            Advanced Professional Nurses (APNs) involve those who are registered with enhanced training and have all relevant certifications that enable them offer healthcare services in all settings. Since the demand for care surpasses its provision, APNs became valuable as they ensure that all who require health services are catered for. With the shortage of healthcare professionals, there is need to set up reforms in the nursing education curricula to ensure that more APNs are produced. This enables the gaps within health provision are filled appropriately.

Professional development plans (PDP) are important tools that serve various purposes. It serves as a reflective tool that the APN uses in having a thoughtful time to synthesize on the path they are taking. PDP also instills self-awareness to APNs since through carrying out a self-analysis the nurse will get to know their strong point and weaknesses. Through this, a sense of career satisfaction is created as the nurse gets to know oneself. Finally PDP helps in coming up with the way forward about ones career. It ensures that the best actions are set out to achieve specific goals (Spoelstra & Robbins, 2010, p. 2).

APN Scope of Practice – State Of Pennsylvania

The scope of practice for an APN illustrates responsibilities and requirements for the position. It is important since it outlines guidance and regulations for the APN ensuring that ethics and professionalism is employed in all services provided. APN practice is based on scientific evidence and can be applied in any healthcare setting. Different dimensions including leadership, health education, mentorship and research are vital in enhancing the practice of nursing (Spoelstra & Robbins, 2010, p. 7).

The scope just like laws varies according to states or countries and they regulate the practice of APNs. In Pennsylvania, the scope of practice is set out by the State Board of Nursing of Commonwealth and is guided by the Professional Nursing Law. The board has the mandate of regulating practice, ensuring that laws set out governing the performance of APNs are strictly adhered to, it offers certification for eligible members and ensures that the act regulating the profession is followed. For certification, a fee of $100 is paid while $15 and $30 is required for verification and license history certification respectively.

Various requirements may be considered for initial certification. A nurse with RN license that is current and unrestricted for professional operations in commonwealth may be considered. In educational perspective, the board may consider those with doctoral, master or postmaster’s degree in the field of nursing. A license may also be granted to an individual upon completion of a study program recognized by the board and the American Nurses Association. A license may also be given to an applicant upon passing of examination offered by the board.

There are various roles entrusted to the APN that include meaningful decision-making through properly analyzing patient assessment information, diagnosis of diseases, comprehensive assessment of populations and individuals and prescription of the best medicine. Management of cases or patients for instance their admission or discharge, handling of referrals may be also a responsibility of APNs. Other roles for APNs include4 working in collaboration with other health practitioners to enhance overall health, mentoring the junior nursing officers, take part and promote health research, ensure ethical practices and evaluation of services to avoid any disparities (Joyce, DiGiulio, Jadotte, & Dreker, 2014, p. 36).

Standards and Core Competencies for APNs

In relation to ICN, core competencies are obtained from three nursing aspects including regulation, socio-economic welfare as well as practice. Standards required are stated out to guide the APN function. All these are used to distinguish scope of practice and they vary among the states. Clinical practices as well as development professionally are addressed by competencies. They help an APN work in accordance to the environmental requirements, and evidence based procedures. Professional development competencies are vital in assisting APNs maintain proficiency in practice also ensuring growth within health structures (Grassley & Strohfus, 2014, p. 15).

Personal Assessment

            The fact that humans are prone to biases and that APNs have many roles within their mandate calls for a self-assessment component.  For a nurse, personal assessment has the role of giving insights on the current success and drawbacks in the practice as well as vital action steps to advance the profession. The assessment highlights the abilities as well as weaknesses of the nurse and identifies the opportunities for a strong professional career. Nursing practice is an everyday excellence where nurses gain skills through exposure to different health challenges. Benner’s Self-Assessment Tool is very important for nurses even though there are other advanced models that do not appreciate the novice stage (Joel, 2013, p. 522).

            Strengths; the biggest strength as an advanced practice nurse mainly lies on the wide knowledge on the evidence based nursing practice. With the advanced knowledge I one is able to network within the health setting and work in different departments of a health setting with collaboration of other professionals. Knowledge has helped me understand the health sector especially patient based care that advocates for an appropriate decision-making. This knowledge also has initiated confidence and motivation in the line of work since I understand what is expected of me.

            Weaknesses; since the responsibilities of an APN are many, there is the challenge of lacking knowledge on other specialties in the system for instance in the surgery department. When one works in a particular department for a long period there is the tendency of losing knowledge or skills of other specialties. This is a challenge for an APN professional that occurs when opportunities for development are not enough keeping in mind that health professionals are not enough.

            Goals; for the short term goals there is need there is need to accomplish ANCC Nurse Executive requirements by passing the examination while my long term goal entails writing and publishing some work on multidisciplinary approach for APNs. This will enable APNs understand their roles as well as acknowledge the importance of collaboration with other professionals to ensure a healthy population.

Opportunities; as an APN I am exposed to a variety of opportunities because of autonomy and an increased demand of services in the healthcare sector. Development and growth opportunities are available through educational programs. These programs brainstorm and initiate a clear understanding with the developments in health. There are also opportunities for funding of research and educational interventions hence ensuring the development of an APN.

Objectives; Through the above opportunities, there is a chance of achieving all my objectives in the APN department. My main objective entails advocating for APN approach in handling healthcare challenges and ensuring that more nurses join the initiative. If this objective is achieved then there is an opportunity for a stabilized healthcare system with equitable, affordable and efficient health services.

Networking and Marketing Strategies

            In Pennsylvania APNs have the opportunity of working in various institutions for instance hospitals, schools and organizations offering different health interventions. In nursing schools, they may take part in teaching different nursing units while in health institutions they serve as healthcare providers.  Schools may include DeSales University, Carlow University, Bloomsburg University, La Salle University and Gannon University amongst many more.

Some organizations that APN officers may get employment may include Pennsylvania Association of Directors of Nursing Administration, Pennsylvania State Nurses Association, Southwestern Pennsylvania Organization of Nurse Leaders (SWPONL) and other Nongovernmental Organizations. APNs can also work at leadership posts in hospitals as well as caregivers to any health provision institutions that they wish. In addition, private developments are allowed through licensure and APNs may open up health centers to provide services to the needy.

            Marketing of APN roles is a day-to-day activity involving provision of the best care to patients. This is never like other businesses that largely initiate profit oriented marketing. APNs can market themselves through campaigns that aim to improve health status of communities. For instance, health education interventions can be used to increase the contacts of an APN. Mentorship programs are also significant in marketing APN since when various health practitioners become skilled they move out to the community and make known the services.

Offering of services to the needy population at an affordable price is also a marketing strategy. Services can also be offered free to other groups like the homeless, orphaned or the poor. This is a common marketing strategy in the health sector with proven positive results. This strategy though should never compromise on the quality of services but should encourage positive outcomes.


            APNs serve a vital role in the healthcare through filling the gaps experienced in the system. Laws and regulations should be made to support APN approach and ensure that their scope of practice is improved. Reforms in the healthcare sector should also take into account this issue as it enables development in the sector. The advantages of APN approach are evident and include improved quality, equitable and affordable health services for populations. Nurses have a vital role in advocating for APN through research and proposals that enable improvement of the field.


Grassley, J., & Strohfus, P. (2014). The experiences of transition from clinical expert to     novice academic nurse educator: a systematic review protocol of qualitative            evidence. The JBI Database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports,         12(9), 12-20. Retrieved from,             http://joannabriggslibrary.org/index.php/jbisrir/article/view/1717/2174

Joel, L. A. (2013). Advanced Practice Nursing: Essentials of Role Development. FA           Davis. Retrieved from, http://books.google.co.ke/books?hl=en&lr=&id=CdI-AAAAQBAJ&oi=fnd&pg=PR4&dq=APN+Professional+Development+Plan&ots=xRBMAr_4WF&sig=eYDBbi4LByT6qhpC8oqYg4HF5z8&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q=APN%20Professional%20Development%20Plan&f=false

Joyce, M. M., DiGiulio, M., Jadotte, Y. T., & Dreker, M. R. (2014). Faculty strategies       that influence the student transition from registered nurse to nurse practitioner: a         systematic review protocol. The JBI Database of Systematic Reviews and          Implementation Reports, 12(5), 34-41. Retrieved from,             http://joannabriggslibrary.org/index.php/jbisrir/article/view/1625/1980

Spoelstra, S. L., & Robbins, L. B. (2010). A qualitative study of role transition from RN   to APN. International journal of nursing education scholarship, 7(1), 1-14.             Retrieved from,             http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=Spoelstra+SL%2C+Robbins+LB.+A+qualitative+study+of+role+transition+from+RN+to+APN.+Int+J+Nurs+Educ+Scholarsh+.+2010%3B7%3AArticle+20.+Epub+2010%2F07%2F06

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