7157AFE Global Strategy And Leadership

7157AFE Global Strategy And Leadership

7157AFE Global Strategy and Leadership



DEPARTMENT OF ACCOUNTING, FINANCE & ECONOMICS 7157AFE Global Strategy and Leadership Final project – Global Strategy and Leadership Semester 1 2017 Due dates: Class presentation: Thursday 18 May and Thursday 25 May (5.00 to 9.00pm) Written: Friday 2 June by 4.00pm (via Safe Assign) Organisation: The company that you used last semester (or seek approval for other if not used previously) Weight: 20% Word Length: Maximum of 2,000 words TOTAL MARKS 70 marks (worth 20%) Presentation: Maximum 10 minutes; a single page handout document is required to support your presentation Written report: Submit your project (in MS Word) through the ‘Safe Assign’ link in the Assessment folder. Also submit an Assignment Cover Sheet. Oral Presentation (10 marks) Each student is required to make a 10 minute presentation (maximum) to the lecturer and class about the strategy of their chosen company, and the leadership exhibited by its management. A single page handout document must be provided to support your presentation. The company will be the same one that you have been using for all of your projects in other courses On the night you are presenting, you are expected to be there for all presentations. Before submitting your written project, you are required to amend it based on lecturer and peer feedback received in response to your presentation, and include in your document how the presentation feedback assisted you and was then incorporated into the written submission. Be prepared for questions and feedback from the lecturer and from other students in your cohort as part of your 10 minutes presentation. Take care when presenting that you are not merely reading a document or powerpoints; you are required to make a presentation. You will be hurried along or cut short if it appears that you will take longer than 10 minutes. The lecturer will make a signal at the 9 minute mark. The lecturer may ask questions about your company and/or the industry. These questions may be based on words in the powerpoint presentation, so you should understand what is contained in the presentation. If students ask relevant questions, this may boost their oral presentation mark. Incorporate feedback (both specific and general) into your final submission, and include a minimum one paragraph outlining how the feedback was used and what differences it made. Report Structure 1. Executive Summary (100 – 200 words) 2. Table of contents (not included in word count) 3. Introduction (50 – 100 words) (DO NOT REPEAT EXECUTIVE SUMMARY) 4. PART A = 600 words (see below) 5. PART B = 600 words (see below) 6. PART C = 200 words (see below) 7. Conclusion (50 – 100 words) 8. Reference list (not included in word count) 9. 1,500 to 2,000 words PART A STRATEGY 600 words (20 marks) Use information in your company’s 2016 Annual Report, supplemented by research (referenced – this also means that your report will have a list of references) from media and investment sources, identify what is the generic strategy (Porter). 1-1 You should clearly indicate which of Porter’s generic strategy has been adopted, for example “Company A is using Porter’s generic strategy of low cost leadership / differentiation. This is supported by….”. If there are more than two major arms of the organisation, you may confine the discussion to one arm of the business. Simply listing the company’s self-identified strategies is not enough. (Data on the company’s profit and loss, balance sheet, cashflow is not sought except where you are linking it to the question). (10 marks) 1-2 Evaluate the organisation / industry using either the Ansoff Matrix or conduct a SWOT analysis. Each of these has four components and you should choose the model for which you can comment and support at three of the four components (omit opportunities as they are discussed below). Use examples from the Annual Report or other sources to support your arguments. (6 marks) 1-3 Identify what opportunities (eg product, market) the organisation might pursue and provide a rationale for your choices. Use examples from the Annual Report or other sources to support your arguments. (4 marks) PART B LEADERSHIP 600 words (20 marks) 2-1 Identify the leaders (CEO ONLY) of your project organisation, and research the publicly-discussed assessment of their leadership capabilities. You can do this by using media reports and investor sites and reports (referenced). Describe their leadership style and link this back to one or more of the styles in your 7157AFE materials. Use examples from the Annual Report or other sources to support your arguments. 2-2 Develop and state your own conclusion of the appropriateness of the leadership for your project company, and the probable effectiveness of the leadership in delivering the stated objectives of the business. Use examples from the Annual Report or other sources to support your arguments. (A history of prior appointments is not required unless you are tying that back somehow to leadership style. Better answers will provide comments /support on two different aspects of leadership.) PART C FEEDBACK 200 words (10 marks) Discuss how you have incorporated both specific and general feedback into your report. WRITTEN COMMUNICATION and PRESENTATION (10 marks) Executive summary, introduction, conclusion, and overall written communication FURTHER DETAILS FOR PROJECT Referencing • All reports should use a minimum 4 sources including the Annual report • A reference list should only include sources that you have cited in the assignment.. • Please consult the AGPS Harvard guide for Griffith University in terms of reference. Please be consistent in your referencing throughout the essay. Note that in-text referencing includes author’s last name, year and if direct quoting, page number of where the comment comes from. Formatting and spelling • Full margins (do not set your paper to a narrow margin of less than 2.54cm) • 1.5 line spacing • 12 point Times New Roman or Arial font. Please use English (Australian) as your word processing dictionary • Please use a spelling and grammar checker Executive Summary 100 – 200 words • Use Writing an Executive Summary as your guide Introduction 50 – 100 words • Give enough background information to provide a context for the report ( Maximum 50 words) • State the purpose of the report. • Do not repeat the executive summary PARTS A and B 1,200 words (40 marks) • The information in this section should be organised under appropriate topics with sub-headings. You need to synthesise adequate research material from different sources under topic headings to support your analysis/discussion, for example, success of the leader / company. • Your analysis might include consideration of the advantages/disadvantages (in addition to gaps or weaknesses) of the strategy being implemented. PART C – Oral presentation feedback 200 words (10 marks) • Sum up how you have incorporated feedback into your report Conclusion 50 – 100 words • Sum up the main points of the report. The conclusion should clearly relate to the objectives of your report. • You should make recommendations for future action. They must be logically derived from the body of your report (i.e. follow on from the conclusions of your analysis/discussi

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