7001MKT Company CSR And Corporate Communication Strategy

7001MKT Company CSR And Corporate Communication Strategy

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7001MKT Company CSR And Corporate Communication Strategy

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7001MKT Company CSR And Corporate Communication Strategy

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Course Code: 7001MKT
University: Griffith University

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Country: Australia


The aim of this second report is to extend your knowledge of corporate communications and your ability to apply that knowledge to a real organization. You will particularly focus on CSR issues management, and making realistic recommendations. This means that your recommendations should be both desirable AND feasible.


The paper discusses the corporate communication topic in a detailed manner. The study is expected to give an insight on the topic and give recommendations on its application. The study uses the Marriot Australia’s corporate reputation as a reference and an instrument to enhance deeper understanding on the topic.  As a result the reader will gain extensive knowledge on corporate communication.
The paper aims at giving an insight on corporate communication. In addition, the paper will offer guidance on the proper execution of corporate communication within an organization. This is aimed at giving the reader knowledge on the topic. It will also provide the necessary guidelines on how to execute corporate communication.
Marriot Australia Corporate is an international corporation that offers tourism services. The company was initiated by J. Willard and Alice Marriott. The company has 133 branches all over the world. The company is acknowledged for the high quality services it offers. The company is also known for its support to the community. As a result the company has won several awards for its commitment to giving service to the community. The company has consistently received profits standing out in comparison to other companies in the field. The success is owed to the good governance of the company. More so the company creates a good business environment by giving proper care to their employees (Marriott careers, 2018). As a result of the employees do give high quality services creating a good business reputation.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is defined as a system that helps in organization integration and environmental concerns in accordance to the organization’s activities and in relating with the various stakeholders of the organization (What is corporate social responsibility?, 2010). The key environmental factors catered for are the historical and cultural environments. This responsibility neither affects the rules and regulations of the cooperation nor interferes with the political nature of the organization. The responsibility of the CSR is mainly to creating opportunities for the expansion of the business (Lester, 2009). The CSR discusses the goals of the business aimed at making a positive change in the society. By doing so it describes the chances that the business has for expansion through innovation and commitment. It also ensures that the organization fulfills its obligations to the society (Khan, Khan, Ahmed & Ali, 2012). Among the key obligations include the observance of human right of the people in the society and taking care of the environment surrounding the organization. As a result it sets the business on a high standard since it is able to develop good relationship with the society. In the case of Marriot Corporate they do discharge their CRS through giving back to the environment. They do achieve this by offering shelter and food to the vulnerable in the society (Spirit to serve our community, 2008). More so they do take care for the environment and offer employment and training opportunities to children in the hotel career. The corporate also offers chances for the people with disability in the society as a way of promoting diversity in the society. As a result the company has earned itself several global awards and global recognition.
Issue management is described in different ways depending on the stakeholders. According to the general public issue management is viewed as the management of organization and community resources with respect to public policy (Jaques, 2008). The public policy aims at reaching a mutual responsibility between both the stakeholders both in the society and in the organization. In the organizations perspective issue management is viewed as a process whose aim us to help realize more assets in a business. This is achieved through maintain of the business market, creating a good business image to the consumers and creating new business opportunities for investment. In return the organization realizes growth to the benefit of its stakeholders. This can be well illustrated in Marriott corporate since they have been realizing significant growth in the organization. The growth in the business is cited to be as a result of good organization and good management (Marriott International, Inc, 2014: Marriott International Inc, 2017). The growth realized has increased the profit made by the corporate. In return there is an increase in the dividends for the stakeholders. Issue management has several key roles to play in any organization. Among the responsibilities include; it is responsible for the identification and evaluation of social and political factors that may have a direct impact on the organization. After the factors are realized they are responded to so as to avoid them from negatively affecting the business. The management also enhances the performance of the corporate. The performance is evaluated both on long-term basis and on short-term basis. It is also concerned with the planning of the business and with developing a good relationship between the organization and the society.
The CSR issue management determines the relationship between the organization and the society. According to a research performed in the US it was observed that approximately 50% of the consumers have boycotted the products they used to buy (Nylander, 2010). The keys causes of the boycott have been cited as follows. One the boycott is as a result of bad customer services offered by the investors. Poor quality products and poor environment are also among the major causes of the boycott. The research illustrates on the need to develop a CSR issue management within an organization. The CSR issue management plays a great role in bringing together the consumers and the producers. It also determines the future of any organization with respect to its relation with its consumers. Marriott international can serve as a good example of an organization that has developed a CSR issue management. As a result of this development it has been able to deliver quality services to its consumers. In addition, the development has enhanced good relationship between the community and the society (Spirit to serve our community, 2008). It has helped in protecting the environment by promoting greener pasture within their locality. Due to this community supporting services the company has realized a significant growth. The growth has been contributed to by the willingness of the society to work with the corporate since it is helping uphold their diversity.
In many cases CSR is associated with change in an organization. This creates the need for a good interaction within the organization on the changes. The communication is necessary for providing ways through which the organization can adjust in accordance to the change. CSR communication plays a great role in implementing the CSR in an organization. There are two min ways through which the implementation is enhanced. One whenever responsible managers are making decisions they do put every business stakeholder into account (Gligor-Cimpoieru & Munteanu, 2014). The decision may be made concerning the development of the organization. In such a case the business should communicate with the community as a stakeholder on the community projects that the business can enlarge or assume. As a result of this communication the business is able to come up with a good strategic approach of CSR. The same applies for the other stakeholders in the business they should be given a chance to give their opinion on the move as the company expands. Marriott corporate acts as a good reference since it assumes a bigger role in the society as it grows bigger. In their 2017 sustainability and social impact report the organization has given its strategic plan on how it will be assuming roles in the society (2017 Marriott sustainability and social impact report, 2017). This portrays an organization with a good CSR and communication relation. In return the company has lured for support from other global organizations in their support. It has also received commendations and presents form the international community. The essence of this is to challenge other organizations to follow the same idea and bring a change to the community. Secondly the CSR communication relation helps realize a win-win situation. This is a situation where the society benefits from the organization and on the hand the company benefits from the society. As a result of this there is a good relationship developed that results in success of the stakeholders.
A business has to have various stakeholders for it to succeed. Therefore there must be various parties involved in a business field. As a result of the various parties having different interests in the business there is a relationship between the CSR and the stakeholder’s involved (Alrousa & Bader, 2015). The various interests of the stakeholders and those of the organization do help make an amicable business environment. Managers should therefore involve all the parties involved in their decision making so as to avoid contradiction of interests that may lead to the failure of the business. Among the key stakeholders include the consumers who need the producer to meet their requirement in order for them to purchase the produced goods. In return companies as the other key stakeholder produce high quality products and services. The aim of the production is to make sure that the company acquires the necessary market share and creates confidence to the consumers. This helps realize a mutually beneficial situation where both parties get satisfied. The other key stakeholder is the government. The government develops policies that govern the corporates. With good policies the business will achieve better financial results (Baric, 2017). In return the business will pay more revenue to the government helping in raising the living standards of people within the community (Great place to work, 2018). In addition, the business will be able to offer more support to the community. Marriott corporates portrays this relationship by increasing their support to the community following more profits (2017 Marriott sustainability and social impact report, 2017).
Over investing in CSR does increase costs and cause reduction in the opportunities for exploiting resources for profit maximization (Lin, Chang & Dang, 2015). As a result conflicts arise among the different stakeholders in the business. This leads to collapse of the business. There is therefore the need to find alternative ways to maximize the business profits other than solely on the CSR. Among the alternatives include the use of media relation for advertisement of the produced goods. This will result in high sales resulting to high profit within the organization instilling confidence among the different stakeholders. There is therefore a need to have alternative methods of marketing the business in addition to CSR.
Communication is a very vital factor in any business development since there is need to keep the stakeholders updated on the going of the business. Communication helps in creating a good relationship between the management and other stakeholders in the organization (Milas, Boric, Zigic & Barney’s, 2014). It also aids in the development of company strategies which in turn determine the organizations development and survival (Dimitrova, 2016). There is need to know what should be placed in the messages sent to stakeholders in order to determine their relevancy. There are several things that the management should consider while disclosing any information to the members. They include; business CSR should not be disclosed to external factors since they hinder the company from realizing success of its own developed principles (Tonello, 2011). The information shred should lower the doubtful character among the various stakeholders. In cases where the message delivered stirs such a character the stakeholders may offer resistance to the plans of the group. This may be on the basis of the thought that the initiative is meant for self-profiting.
Corporates do often share their dreams among their key stakeholders so that they can develop their visions towards a given goal (Cornelissen, 2010). In most case many corporates do advertise themselves using their visions. However it’s not a good idea for any organization to share its dreams with another organization. In support some scholars do argue that some business will struggle to attain your dream before the envisioned organization. In return the organization will dominate the market the market at the expense of the others. In addition there is an argument that upon sharing of ideas corporates can join together to achieve a common dream. This is said to be much compared to a situation where the corporate struggles alone.
Managers have the mandate to execute laws that are thought to result to development at the long-run. But since the business is not isolation it has several factors that affect it there is the need to give them a consideration. Among the key pillars of a business are the stakeholders since they are the controllers of the business. It is therefore advisable for the management to include them during decision making so that they can give their opinions. As a result the management needs to develop some characters that will help in promoting their ideas and justifying them. For them to successfully convince of their ideas the y should first create awareness among the stakeholders, build support for their ideas and make the change a reality (Carr, Howells, Chang, Hirji & English). In addition they should support their ideas with both business effects and emotional effects.
A company with positive record does realize a large number of customers. This result from the confidence within the consumers that the services and products offered is of high quality. As a result the company is able to realize maximum profit to the benefit of the stakeholders. The good profile is usually a result of CSR. The company consumers do often become ambassadors of the business since they have realized the goodness of the company’s products. In most cases a good CSR develops from good communication skills within the business organization. Therefore communication skills are a vital business tool that often determines the destiny of an organization.  Companies should develop a responsibility to develop good communication skills within the organization. In doing so they should emulate the Marriott corporate since it has proved to be a good example.
The CSR motivates, attracts and enhances competition in a business field. As a result business strives to offer the best to their consumers. This helps the field participants to realize a mutual benefit. The increased benefits results from the increased profits realized in the business. Following the  community support, the business realizes significant support for their goods from the community. This leads to development in the society. Following the good relationship developed there is good communication between the various stakeholders. Following the positive impact that comes along with CSR every business should make it a responsibility to develop this quality within it. Also the management of the organizations should involve the stakeholder sin their decision making process so as to avoid conflicts in the business community. Lastly, the international community should continue to commend and reward the businesses with qualities that do enhance integration and development.
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