5HURM008W-Managing People

5HURM008W-Managing People

5HURM008W-Managing People

Learning Outcomes Assessed:  

1. Assess the link between people handling and performance: the downside of not sorting out labour problems

2. Identify and plan for the human resource needs of a department, taking into account labour market analysis.


6. Evaluate the role and use of specialist services, particularly in the human resource management area, where that is appropriate.  

7. Manage their own career development, including labour market analysis, skills of being interviewed and managing one’s on-line presence.


Assessment task:

A portfolio task with several elements to address in your researched report.

You are asked to write a report for the HR Director based on your 2019 research into one of the company types listed below. You must record your research stages in the appendix, referring to it within your report.

i) The HR director would like you to identify and justify appropriate models of recruitment and selection to fit with the graduate role you have identified.

ii) The role you identify as required in the organisation should have a JD (job description) and PS (person specification) to be included in your appendices.

iii) You will also guide the HR Director in how to include the graduate recruited into their organisation. You can choose which models of Strategic HRM will help you to do this from weeks 1-6

Organisations to be found and researched:

A Cancer Charity / A new digital media start up / Event Management Company

You will identify your organisation by name and include your research into it.

Report Format Guidance

This is a concise overview of all elements of the report. One sentence per topic included with the HRM models and references relied on mentioned.

This is written last but appears first. It is not a numbered chapter.

· Table of Contents (excluded from word count)

Headings and subheadings should be numbered and page numbers provided. Whatever numbering system you  use,  it  should  be  clear  and   consistent. 

1.  Introduction

1.1 Background to the Organisation:

Name the organisation and why it was selected for this investigation. Its stage in the Organisational Life Cycle. Status in the sector and recent sector developments /trends.  Number of Employees.

Key competitors. Include the real world organisation’s website.

1.2 Background to the Issue

Identify an issue in your chosen organization that prompts the graduate role you have identified as required.

Role of HRM in addressing this issue

1.3 Role to be Delivered

The new graduate role should be a new one for this organization, designed to address the need that you have identified for them. It must be linked to the area you have identified from your labour market analysis as one for you to develop  yourself in. Create the role and the rationale for its inclusion on the staff team.


2. Models and Literature Overview

This chapter is about the literature and not the organisation

2.1 Job Description and Person Specification

Literature to support the approach you have taken

2.2 Recruitment Model Selected

Justify why this model is useful from the journal literature. You may want to include the Recruitment Wheel (Banfield et al. 2018). Think about where you will advertise the post and how you will attract the candidates.

2.3 Selection Model Selected

Justify why this model is useful from the journal literature as a fit for the role that you have identified as appropriate for the organization. Note the difference between Recruitment and Selection.

2.4 Strategic HRM Model

Justify why you have chosen this aspect of SHRM from the journal literature.


3. Discussion / Analysis

           Remember to include numbered subheadings here!

    3.1 Discuss the models against the organisation’s need and how your         research has been informed by your labour market analysis.  

    3.2 You can analyse how the models could be used and why they are relevant to the real world organisation you have chosen. 

    4. Conclusions

Summarise your key findings and how the literature and models fit with your chosen organisation.

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