530121 Sports Management

530121 Sports Management

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530121 Sports Management

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530121 Sports Management

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Course Code: 530121
University: International College Of Management, Sydney

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Country: Australia

The critical report should include the features listed below.A brief description of the sport association chosen, its vision and mission, and any relevant critique with regards to the annual report of the sport association.A clear performance management system including at least the organisation’s objectives, plans, targets, indicators. When possible these need to be sourced and thus realistic.A summary of the main performance dimensions and objectives presented as a figure in the report.A discussion on the recommendations to implement the organisation’s performance management system within the sport association

The current report aims to develop a performance management system for a Singapore Sport Association. Therefore, Singapore Tennis Association has been chosen to suit the purpose of this report. Firstly, a detailed description of the vision, mission and relative critique concerning the annual report of the association has been demonstrated. The next phase of the study involves developing a performance management system for the selected association. After the formulation of the above-mentioned system, the major performance dimensions and objectives have been illustrated in diagrammatic view. Finally, the report sheds light on developing recommendations for implementing the proposed system within STA.   
1. Brief description of Singapore Tennis Association (STA), its mission and vision and relevant critique relative to the annual report of the association:
Description of STA:
STA is established to provide the individuals of Singapore with a prospect of obtaining full-time tennis training. The association is responsible for preparing the individuals joining the academy into professional athletes in tennis to compete in the global arena. It has been observed that maximum number of players is presently students of “Singapore Sports School” and they would participate in at least 10 global tournaments each year. Since its inception three years back, the program of the association is greatly successful, as its players have accomplished 2 ITF doubles titles with a top rank of 385 ITF (Singtennis.org.sg, 2017).
Along with this, STA is engaged in organising tournaments for the local community as well. Furthermore, it also organises adult and junior tournaments for fulfilling the needs of different types of competitive players belonging to different age groups. STA organises the courses related to certification and coaching for ensuring the standard and quality of coaches through regular monitoring. Finally, it also arranges for certifying officials aiming to become line umpires and chair umpires.  
Mission of STA:
The mission of the association is to promote the continual development of tennis and its associated community in Singapore. This is because of the increasing passion about the sport in the nation. Thus, it aims to arrange increased number of tennis competition for the overall tennis community to raise the standard of the sport for each player. Finally, the association strives for superiority so that the tennis of the nation could compete at the greatest global levels.
Vision of STA:
STA is involved in appreciating the wider community, which makes up tennis in the nation. This wider community involves players irrespective of age, encouraging families, tennis clubs, sponsors, sports manufacturers and the overall media. In addition, the association provides response to each participant and partner. Thus, it tends to be proactive in tennis development for encouraging and ensuring continual development in the Singaporean community. The application of balanced scorecard model would focus on this vision statement to evaluate the capability of STA in accomplishing this goal.
Relevant critique relative to the annual report of STA:
In accordance with the annual report of STA, it has been identified that the ratio of “reserves to total operating expenditures” has declined in 2014. This is because the association has invested additional amounts into programs providing long-term benefits. However, the association has planned to maintain the reserves at least 10% of the yearly annual expenditure. Thus, it needs to be handled judiciously for protecting the financial stability of STA.
However, there are some other key performance indicators that STA needs to consider in order to improve the overall performance. These indicators include financial, customers, internal processes, learning and growth. With the help of these indicators, STA would be able to cope up with its objectives in the Singaporean community.
2. Development of a performance management system for STA:
A performance management system needs to be linked with the organisational objectives, targets, plans and indicators. Such linkage would help in identifying areas, which would enhance the organisational performance (Bradbury & O’Boyle, 2017). At this point, the purposes of the organisation’s primary sports vary from those of the business organisations. Thus, some sports associations aim to enhance the profit margins, while others intend to arrange as many matches as possible for meeting the needs of its members (Abrams, 2013). The ultimate aim of STA is to gain many possible matches for increasing the quality of the players and the overall sport. In order to suit the objectives of this report, the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) model has been deemed effective for STA. The following factors have been taken into consideration while building the BSA model for STA:
Linking BSC model with STA’s objectives:
The basic objective of a sports association is to concentrate on awards, successes and victories (Carlson & Pfenninger, 2014). According to this dimension, maximum number of sports associations are viewed as players winners and producing teams. Placed differently, between winning of championship and medal winners, most associations would prefer the latter (Chappelet, 2013). STA is no exception to that choice and hence, the BSC model would help in fulfilling the primary requirements of the association.
In addition, it is vital for every sport association to accumulate funds for assuring the long-term viability. This, in turn, would enable the association to repay its debts and cover up its yearly operating expenses (Harris & Houlihan, 2016). Thus, this dimension is associated with the financial sustainability. It has been observed that STA only lays stress on maintaining the ratio of “reserves to total operating expenditure”. Thus, the application of BSC model would help STA in focusing on certain indicators like long-term debt, liquidity, return on investment and rise in net assets.
Linking BSC model with STA’s plans and targets:
The STA plans to facilitate its sports of consumption practice, which reflects that distribution market is another dimension of the association. In this context, Ko, Tan & Ng (2014) advocated that distribution market refers to the extent to which a sports association is able to improve its consumption practice sports. As the basic objective of STA is linked to the sport participation, it needs to focus on sport bases, locations and experience quality on offer. Thus, the use of BSC model would help STA in considering the number of stadium seats, radio exposure and TV broadcast coverage (Masterman, 2014).
Moreover, another dimension associated with the plans of STA is the market size and share coupled with customer satisfaction. In the words of Nicholson, Kerr & Sherwood (2015), every sport association aims to develop strong relationship with its customers, members and fans; however, in some situations, their involvement is less due to low attendance on matches. With the help of BSC model, STA could be able to examine the members, fans and participants to identify early discontent signs or denoting factors claiming the association.
The internal processes and procedures are another dimension, which begins the player recruitment mode and general quality. In case of STA, the recruitment and retention of staffs is a significant issue, since it is regarding their capability in contributing with expertise, time and money (O’Boyle, Murray & Cummins, 2015). The capacity of the players in enhancing skills is a system support function needed to improve the internal processes of STA. Thus, BSC model helps in increasing the capability of STA to assure a safe environment, where risk management would be provided with adequate priority and disputes would be minimised.
Linking BSC model with STA’s indicators:
One of the major indicators of STA is the product enhancement. In this context, Polonsky & Waller (2014) stated that there is not much difference between sports and business, as both function in highly competitive marketplace. Thus, continual innovation and product enhancement are necessary for bringing new customers and retaining the old ones. The BSC model would help STA in improving their stadiums and associated galleries, as it encourages constant innovation. In addition, STA is responsible for promoting tennis in the overall Singaporean community. BSC model helps in setting up association cultures like equal opportunities, diversity and non-discriminatory treatment, which is an indicator of social, economic and environmental effects.  
3. Summary of the main performance dimensions and objectives:
The implementation of BSC model in STA could be conducted in six phases, which would comprise of six workshops and strategic review meeting. Preliminary interviews and meetings of preparation would follow this meeting. Thus, the following series of recommendations would be helpful for STA in implementing the BSC model to improve the overall performance of the association:
Workshop 1:
The first workshop would be performed to generate the map of organisational strategy, which would involve the explanation of strategic objectives and the cause-effect linked model of strategic objectives (Sotiriadou & De Bosscher, 2013). STA needs to arrange this workshop through preliminary interviews with the executive team members of the association. In addition, STA needs to form a team comprising of 2-5 people for coordinating the implementation of BSC model. The participants of the first workshop would include the executive team and higher-level managers and directors of STA. The established team would be responsible to prepare and organise the other workshops required to implement the proposed model.
Workshop 2:
STA needs to conduct this workshop for the strategic initiatives associated with the portfolio definition of organisational level. This would be followed by rationalisation of modernisation, transformation and optimisation of projects, which are presently in progress throughout STA. Thus, the primary instrument that is needed to conduct this workshop is the matrix of objectives-initiatives (Shvorin & Taaffe, 2014). The same participants would participate in this workshop as that of the first one. As a result, STA would be able to generate an update of the association strategy map.
Workshop 3:
This workshop is conducted to generate the association scorecard, which comprises of the measures of performance and risk indicator and their related targets for every objective depicted in the above section. Such description of measures needs to follow a suggested workflow selection and this might include consulting a KRI and KPI library (Smolianov et al., 2015). The participants would remain the same as that of the first two workshops. In case, a gap arises between the existing values of the measures and the considered targets and the same could not be resolved with the help of the previous workshop initiatives, STA needs to review such initiatives associated with the objectives.
Workshop 4:
This workshop is the beginning workshop of organisational alignment associated with the top-level units of STA, which takes into account both horizontal and vertical alignments. This workshop needs to be repeated for every top-level units of STA, which would be attended on the part of management team of such units. Thus, the scope of this workshop is to surge the constituents of BSC by taking into account the details of every unit (Smolianov, Gallo & Naylor, 2014).
Workshop 5:
This is the second workshop of organisational alignment associated with the top-level units of STA with the scope of rolling-up the constituents of BSC model defined by each unit. In addition, STA needs to arrange this workshop for checking that the BSC model is maintaining its consistency without any overlap or less-covered areas. Such workshop is intended to launch the process of alignment for the units below the top-level units of STA and individual alignment. Thus, this workshop needs to be planned in order to identify the positions to conduct the individual alignment. STA needs to select the same participants as that of the first three workshops.
Workshop 6:
This is the final workshop, which is conducted for the integration of operational and budget plans and this is intended to define the cumulative budget of the overall strategic initiatives of STA and the estimated effect to execute the strategic plan. This needs to be based on the position of the budget and the parameters of operational plans (Trenberth & Hassan, 2013).  In addition, this workshop is the final phase of the BSC model implementation and it helps in describing the “Office of Strategy Management (OSM)”. This needs to be formed of 2-3 members of the core team related to BSC implementation. For this final workshop, the participants would be the same as that of the first three workshops and the fifth workshop.
Hence, for a large sports association like STA, it is recommended to initiate the project within the first or second quarter for synchronising the sixth workshop with initial review of the budget of the upcoming year, which is to be completed within third to fourth quarter of the yeast.
From the above discussion, it has been found that STA is one of the popular sports associations in Singapore, which is intended to develop the individuals joining the academy into professional global athletes. In order to improve the quality of performance, balanced scorecard model is recommended, as it would help STA in linking its objectives, plans, targets and indicators. Finally, the method of implementing the proposed model is laid out, which includes formulation of six different workshops to be completed within a year.
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