3473 Applied Management

3473 Applied Management

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3473 Applied Management

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3473 Applied Management

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Course Code: 3473
University: The University Of Auckland

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Country: New Zealand


1Select two theories of motivation.
1a    Describe one motivation theory and discuss how this motivation theory could be applied in Simunovich Olive Estate.
1bDescribe your alternative motivation theory chosen and discuss how this second motivation theory could be applied in Simunovich Olive Estate. 
22a  Identify and apply the appropriate leadership style from the University of Iowa Studies to a leader of your chosen company. 
2b  Discuss whether a leader from Simunovich Olive Estate might be termed a charismatic  leader”,  justify  your  answer  with  three  examples  from  the organisation literature.
33a   Select a situation where delegation could be applied in the above organisation. Recommend to their senior executive team how they should manage this by applying the process of effective delegation.
3b    Apply Lewin’s three step change process, described in your text, to an area where change can be perceived to have occurred in the organisation.
3c    Discuss how the “white waters” metaphor for change applies to the above company.
3d    Explain what external forces necessitated innovation and change to their business practices. Give examples of the innovations made.
3e    Discuss TWO strategies managers at Simunovich Olive Estate could use in their role as change agents to overcome barriers to change.  Give an example of an action taken.
44a  Identify an area where planning is necessary for The Simunovich Olive Estate. Use a planning process to demonstrate how the planning process could be applied in this area.
4b  Discuss Operational and Strategic Planning in relation to Simunovich. Show and explain the differences between these types of plans and how they are applied at the company.
4c  Provide a brief summary of the strategic planning process and suggest how the Simunovich Olive Estate can use a SWOT analysis to aid this process.
4d    Choose an area of The Simunovich Olive Estate where control is necessary and show how to apply the control cycle with regards to the chosen area.
4e    Outline one concurrent (3 marks) and one feedforward control type that could be used by The Simunovich Olive Estate.

The Simunovich Olive Estate organization requires to develop the engagement culture in their organization. There is the need for motivation for the employees to produce their best level performance. There are various motivational theories that rare need to be implemented in the organization in order to motivate the employees in their work and the leadership strategies that will understand the employee’s problem and will motivate them for the achievement of the desired goals. This study will focus on the motivation theory, leadership management styles and the changes that will be appropriate for the company to grow and develop proper relationships among the employees and achieving the desired outcome of the business.
Describe one motivation theory and discuss how this motivation theory could be applied in Simunovich Olive Estate.
The Maslow and Herzberg’s theory of human needs is one of the major motivation theories for motivating employees. This theory suggested based on the examination of the human needs ranging from the basic and physical needs like hunger, needs for the self-fulfillment, the need to be loved. This motivational theory believes if the basic needs are fulfilled, then there will be an improvement in the employee’s performance. The hierarchy of needs are the physiological needs, security needs, belongingness, esteem needs, and self-actualization needs.
Implementation of this motivation theory requires the fulfillment of the lower level needs like the physiological needs and the security-based needs. The employees’ looks for the physiological needs like the adequate wages, stable income and security needs like the benefits and the safe work environment. Once the first priority of the workers that is their needs for survival are then they will not look for other job but they will look for social needs. The employees generally desire to work in such an environment, where they will be accepted by the organization and can interact with others (Radwan & Zhu, 2017). Thus, Simunovich Olive Estate needs to develop the effective interpersonal relations for their employees. By the fulfillment of all these needs, the employees want their higher level of needs like esteem and self-actualization, to be met (Alshmemri, Shahwan-Akl, & Maude, 2017). This involves the needs that are based on the employees’ image and the needs for being recognized by others.
The organizational factors that can affect these motivation theories are:
The thinking of the individual may vary that is for someone the social needs like affection and respect can be more important than the safety needs. Thus, the differences among the thinking of the employees affect this motivational theory (Ozguner&Ozguner, 2014).
The cultural difference in the organization affect the social needs of the employees as the different cultural aspects requires a different type of social respect that may not be fulfilled by the organization.
Thus, the Maslow’s hierarchy theory will be perfect for motivating the employees and it is also relevant and it makes sense as the basic ideas of this theory is that the need of the individuals are constantly changing and as one need is fulfilled the employees desires of the other needs (De Vito et al., 2018).
Describe your alternative motivation theory chosen and discuss how this second motivation theory could be applied in Simunovich Olive Estate
The Taylor’s motivational theory states that most of the employees are motivated only towards the salary they receive for their work. This motivational theory believes that most of the employees are not satisfied with the salary of the organization and are only attracted to the monetary reward system for their performances.
The implementation of this motivational theory requires the introduction of the monetary reward system for the employees and the bonus system for the appraisal of their employee’s performance. The implementation of this theory also requires the proper payment according to the work, employees are providing for the company. Training is also required to be given so that the employees can give their best performances for the incentives.
Simunovich Olive Estate needs to implement the incentive pay system for meeting the targets and the for doing the extra work. The company also needs to introduce the monetary reward system for the appraisal of the employee’s performance and this motivates the employees more towards their work. They also need to pay the employees, based on the amount of work, they produce for the company.
The organizational factors affecting Taylor’s motivation theories are:
Every employee does not work for the financial rewards as there are employees who are carrier oriented and they are concerned about the training and up gradation of their post rather than the monetary reward system.
The organizational cultures ate affected by the introduction of the monetary reward system and this brings the tough competition among the employees as the quality of the production gets affected (Su, 2017).
Simunovich Olive Estate can introduce these motivation theories, as this will ensure the motivation of the employees towards their work. This will also increase the productivity of the organization and the competition among the team will help to produce more services for meeting the desired goals of the company.
Identify and apply the appropriate leadership style from the University of Iowa Studies to a leader of your chosen company.
The leadership style that will be perfect from the University of Lowa Studies is the democratic leadership styles. This leadership style allowed the participation of the group members in the decision making process. The leadership responsibility is shared among the members in this leadership style. This also involves the team members in both the planning and execution of the task. This participative leadership style is appropriate for the Simunovich Olive estate company as the leader of the company need to involve the other members of the group while taking any decision. This improves the performance of the employees as the employees become more responsible and they can have the innovative right decision at the right time. By implementing the democratic leadership style, the company will be also able to build the trust bonding with the employees, as the employees will understand the importance of them in the company (Iqbal, Anwar & Haider, 2015).
Discuss whether a leader from Simunovich Olive Estate might be termed a charismatic leader”, justify your answer with three examples from the organization literature?
The leader of the Simunovich Olive Estate Company follows the charismatic leadership styles as the leaders have the capability of attracting the followers with the charm and the personality. According to Oreg & Berson, (2015), these leaders also have the abilities to motivate followers for doing everything. The major characteristics of these leaders are to involve the feelings to encourage commitment and devotions in the followers. In accordance with Gebert, Heinitz & Buengeler, (2016), the features of these charismatic leaders are inspiring employees, self-confidence in their leadership, taking risks, convincing the member, creative ideas and proper identifying capability. According to Shamir & Howell (2018), the charismatic leaders are able to achieve the desired result of the company and gains followers by introducing the proper vision for the employees, grows the self-defending behaviors among the employees, need to play the role of the effective model for the followers, the leaders are also able to grow emotional attachment with the employees.
Select a situation where delegation could be applied in the above organization. Recommend to their senior executive team how they should manage this by applying the process of effective delegation.
In the Simunovich Olive Estate organization, the delegation is necessary for identifying the list of responsibilities of the team members and assigning the perfect work to the members as per theirexpertisation. The senior team of the organization needs to delegate the assignment to the team members matching with their working project (Graham, Harvey & Puri, 2015).
The organization needs to implement the successful delegation and it means not only assigning the projects but also occasionally checking the progress of individual to find out whether they require any additional assistance or any guidance. The senior team needs to remove the obstacles from the individual’s path and they need to trust the employees for getting the task done. That is it is therefore important to delegate the property to the individuals and allowing them to fully managing the project and taking the required decision (Hooghe & Marks, 2015).
Apply Lewin’s three-step change process, described in your text, to an area where change, can be perceived to have occurred in the organization.
The change is like the common thread that is required in all the business regardless of the size, age, and the industry. As the world is undergoing various changes, the organizations also need to change quickly. The Simunovich Olive Estate organization requires the application of the Lewin’s three-step changes that is by the following steps:
Unfreeze: the organization needs to change the business process that is by surveying the members of the organization to determine the changes are needed in the organization and the organization also need to understand the reason for the change to take place. Simunovich Olive Estate organization also need to ensure the strong support from the senior management team for using the stakeholder analysis and the stakeholder management for identifying and winning the support of the members of the organization. There is also a need for a particular reason for the change to take place and the organization needs to use the vision and the strategy for supporting the evidence (Burke& Comair, 2015). The organization needs to manage by understanding the doubt and the concerns and also require remaining open to the employees and addressing them in terms of the need for the change.
Change: the organization needs to communicate often with the employees for planning and implementing the change by describing the benefits of changes to the employees. The organization should convey the details of the changes and how it will affect everybody. The organization needs to answer questions, dealing with the problems immediately and relating the need for the change back to the operational necessity. The organization also needs to empower the action that provides an ample amount of opportunity for the employee development and there is also the need of the line managers to provide the day-to-day direction. There is also a need for involvement in the process for generating the short-term win for reinforcing the change and for negotiating with the external stakeholders (Burke, 2017).
Refreeze: the organization needs to change the anchor into the culture by the identity that supports the change and for identifying the barriers to sustain the change. The organization needs to develop ways for sustaining changes, ensuring the leadership support, creating the reward system, establishing the feedback systems, providing support, training to the employees and celebrating success.
Discuss how the “white waters” metaphor for change applies to the above company.
The whitewater metaphor is consistent with the uncertain, the dynamic environments and the continual process this means that the changes that will be brought to the organization will be the uncertain one and can accumulate with the dynamic environments and the changes will not be affecting the continuous process. This metaphor reflects that changes are generally the ongoing process that is considered natural and this considers the organizational environment as the non-static and the dynamic one. For managing the changes the organization has to come up with the changes in the fastest manner (Mania, 2016).
Explain what external forces necessitated innovation and change to their business practices. Give examples of the innovations made.
The external forces like the need for sustainability forces the company to use the leftovers of the natural resources, recycling them and then introducing the new cosmetic products. This brings the upgradation of technological factors. For bringing these innovative changes the company needs to make their employees accumulated with the adoption of the new technology. This innovative changes made by the company bring the change in the whole business process. The organization needs to inform the employees regarding the benefits of the company for these new changes as well as the company need to train and support the employees to becoming comfortable with the new changes.
Discuss TWO strategies managers at Simunovich Olive Estate could use in their role as change agents to overcome barriers to change.  Give an example of an action taken.
There are barriers to accepting the new changes for the company and by applying the strategies the leader can overcome the barriers of the changes: the strategies that involve employee involvement and the proper communication.
Employee involvement: The companies consider employees involvement regarding the decision-making as the strategies for overcoming the barriers for changes. This makes the employees feel valued when they are involved in the decision-making process and when they have ownership in adopting the change result (Secular et al., 2015).
Communication: the leader of the organization should have the two-way communication in the honest and clear way for initiating the acceptance of the changes within the employees (Jenolan, Åberg & Aula, 2015). The inaccurate information and the lack of information cause problems with the acceptance of the changes (Wallace et al., 2016).
Identify an area where planning is necessary for The Simunovich Olive Estate. Use a planning process to demonstrate how the planning process could be applied in this area.
The planning is necessary for developing the proper relationship among the employees of the company. This has been found out that there is a lack of collaboration among the team members and the leaders in the Simunovich Olive Estate. This requires the proper planning that will involve the employees and encourage them towards their work. The tactical plans are necessary for this organization to follow like the tactical plans support the strategic plans by translating them into the specific distinct area of the organization. The tactical plans are concerned about the responsibility and the functioning of the lower level departments for fulfilling the part of the strategic plans.
Discuss Operational and Strategic Planning in relation to Simunovich. Show and explain the differences between these types of plans and how they have applied at the company.
The organizations undergo strategically planning mostly for beginning up to the organization’s operation with a mission. The top-level managers like the CEOs or the president designs and execute the strategic plans for designing the picture of the desired future of the organization (Wolf & Floyd, 2017). The operational planning is different from the strategic planning as it involves the operations for achieving and fulfilling plans that are made by the managers while drawing the outline of the desired future of the organization. The operation plan focuses on the specific process, which occurs at the lowest level of the organization (Jensen, Mandeville & Karunaratne, 2017). This operation plan can be both of single-use plans or the ongoing plans; the single-use plan is made for the single use whereas the ongoing plans are used when there is the requirement of the certain achievements.  
Provide a brief summary of the strategic planning process and suggest how the Simunovich Olive Estate can use a SWOT analysis to aid this process
The strategic plantings also make the outline for achieving the long-term goals of the organization. The strategically planning looks to where the organization will be in the next 4, 5 years. The top-level managers generally provide the strategically plans for the organization. This is considered as the framework for the lower-level planning (Bryson, 2018). The strengths of the organization are to provide innovative cosmetics based on natural resources and it mostly looks for satisfying their customers. The weakness of the company is that they face problem in maintaining the great relations among the employees, lack of leadership plans and the company need to engage their employees. There are ample amount of opportunities for the organization as the organization will develop the business in the global market and the responses of the customers regarding the quality of the products are also great. Though there are few threats for the organization as there remains the major competition in the market, which the organization needs to compete to develop in the global market. The following of the proper strategically plans and the operational plans can reduce the weakness and threat of the company.
Choose an area of The Simunovich Olive Estate where control is necessary and show how to apply the control cycle with regards to the chosen area
The control is necessary for mainly the budget and the process flows of the Simunovich Olive Estate Company. The control cycle is required in maintaining the budget of the company and meeting the desired outcome of the organization. The control cycle is generally applied to the ongoing revision of the budgets. During the applications of the control cycle in the management area for budgeting, the company will have the expectation of improving the successive version of the improving budget based on the data analysis, during the comparison of the initial budget with the actual results. This will play the best role when applied for the process flows as they tend to change less than the business models.
Outline one concurrent and one feedforward control type that could be used by The Simunovich Olive Estate.
The concurrent control type involves the management techniques that use to monitor the process and behaviors for ensuring that they conform to the regulations and the standards. The concurrent control type that is required by the organization is the product marketing that the quality control represents the most important step of helping the company to minimize the needless waste and the attendant cost. This type of concurrent allows the manufacturers to catch and correct the problems quickly and also by limiting losses from the substandard products (Box et al., 2015).
The Feed forward controls involve the identification and the preventions of the problems in the organization before they take place. The future directed controls can be used by the organizations for identifying the future problems and the managers for detecting the future areas where the problem can arise mostly use this (Collins & Porter, 2015).
Therefore, from the above discussion, it can be concluded that the mentioned motivational and the leadership strategies are important for the company to achieve the desired outcome. The proper planning theories are to be followed for the production to meet the desired target. The control cycle is needed to be maintained for the proper functioning of the organization. Employees should be given highest priority as they are the only source of the desired production thus the development of the relationship among is the key factor for the company towards the growth of their company in the market.
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